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The famous Chinese painting - "Five Bulls" silk scroll! Re-engraving the famous painting of the town courtyard! Limited edition of 3000 sets

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The famous Chinese painting - "Five Bulls" silk scroll! Re-engraving the famous painting of the town courtyard! Limited edition of 3000 sets

As the first of the five major palaces in the world, the Forbidden City is recognized as the world's top cultural and artistic palace, with a collection of more than 150,000 paintings and calligraphy. The top ten handed down famous paintings are the treasures that are one in ten thousand. As the treasure of the town courtyard, if you usually want to see its original work once, it is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. In order to allow more people to watch these famous paintings, the Palace Museum Publishing House has selected the top ten famous Chinese paintings that have been handed down for thousands of years, "Five Bulls"! Taking the national treasure as the blueprint for the re-engraving, the super-high level reproduces the charm of the original national treasure! The Collector's Edition of "Five Bulls" silk banknotes is publicly issued to the world, limited to only 3,000 sets! This may be the closest you will get to a "national treasure"! Representing the highest level of painting "bulls" for thousands of years, the "Five Bulls", the treasure of the nine major towns, came from the hands of Han Huang, the prime minister of the Tang Dynasty. He is very good at drawing cows. The five cows in the painting are lined up with the character "one" from left to right, each with a different appearance and posture. One bows his head to eat grass, one leans his head forward, one looks back and licks the house, one walks slowly, and one tickles a thorn tree. Appreciating the depiction of the five cows in the full version of "Five Bulls" is extremely wonderful. From right to left: The first is a brown-yellow cow, leaning down and chewing the thorns on the roadside, eating with relish. The second head is a black and white ox, with its head held high, as if some food is attracting its attention, and it sniffs the aroma with its nose. The third is an old dark brown cow, the only one facing the audience, with its head slightly tilted to the left, its mouth wide open, and it seems to be mooing. The fourth is a light yellow cow with the most naive expression. The old cow looks back and sticks out his tongue slightly, which is similar to today's cute emoji.

The fifth head is a jujube red cow with the most serious expression, wearing a nose ring, looking sideways and thoughtful.

The delicate brushwork, the vivid description, and the arrogance of the cow are almost ready to express. The details in the painting are extremely stunning when you zoom in at will. The cow's eyes, nose, hooves, and whiskers can all be seen clearly. The use of cows in paintings is so interesting and vivid, showing the highest level of cow painting in the Tang Dynasty. No wonder Song Huizong and Emperor Qianlong regarded it as their favorite paintings. It was not enough for Emperor Qianlong to write poems himself, and the ministers also wrote inscriptions at the back of the volumes one by one. On the paintings, there are fourteen inscriptions from the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, including Zhao Mengfu, Xiang Yuanbian and Jin Nong. Zhao Mengfu, a master of calligraphy and painting, wrote "Five Bulls" in the "Five Bulls" among the treasures of the Forbidden City. "National Humanities History" (formerly "Reference of Literature and History") exclusively invited nine experts in archaeology and cultural heritage to consider and weigh between national treasures, and to take stock of the nine "treasures of the country" among Chinese cultural relics. How precious is this painting, everyone must know that one of the top ten famous paintings in China, one of the few authentic works of paper and silk paintings handed down from the Tang Dynasty, or the oldest extant Chinese painting on paper "Five Bulls" How rare is it? ? It is precisely because the "extraordinary product" is precious that the state prohibits it from going abroad (territorial), so this painting is permanently collected in the Palace Museum in Beijing, and only accepted for exhibition in September, October and November every year. It is almost impossible for ordinary people to see authentic works at close range anytime, anywhere. In 2015, "Five Bulls" was publicly displayed, attracting a large number of viewers, and it took seven hours to line up to see it. In the 2021 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Mr. Zhang Guoli talked about "National Treasure Going Home", and the first appearance was "Five Bulls". Standing at the intersection of history, we will turn more cultural relics resources into cultural and creative products that people like to see and hear, and respond to the country's call to "hide treasures in the people". The ultra-clear reproduction painting "Five Bulls" is specially launched, which perfectly reproduces the style of ancient paintings, which is a must! "Five Bulls" Silk Picture Scroll Collector's Edition↓↓↓3m long silk collector's edition Officially produced "Five Bulls" original work on jute paper, 20.8 cm in length and 139.8 cm in width. In order to make the reproduction paintings of "Five Bulls" show the most realistic and restored effect. After repeated tests and weighing, and after asking the opinions of experts and scholars in related fields, it was decided to use silk banknote paper. The silk banknote paper is perfectly restored and inherits all the advantages of Tang Dynasty paper. Different from the common replicas on the market, the "Five Bulls" silk banknotes collector's edition is even more rare. The official publication collection certificate is issued, and each set is affixed with an anti-counterfeiting sticker of the Forbidden City Publishing House. The circulation is only 3,000 sets, which is more authoritative! This kind of material is particularly expensive. It has good reducibility, thick, smooth, good stiffness and high strength, especially the folding endurance of more than several thousand times, and strong water resistance, which is very suitable for gravure printing. With the use of exquisite and high-end color printing technology, the weather-beaten "Five Bulls" was finally reproduced in the world. Zooming in to see every stroke is clear and lifelike, the visual effect is shocking, and the viewing rate is very high, worthy of [collector's edition]! In order to better protect the paintings, the re-enactments of "Five Bulls" are specially mounted on silk. The gradient silk thread of yellow, white and silver is woven into a lifelike dragon brocade cloud pattern, which has a magnificent charm with the changes of light and shadow. The four characters "Xingyuan Chunli" inscribed by Emperor Qianlong's royal pen are also added to the citation, so it is longer than the original trace. The final product is 327 cm in length and 20.8 cm in width. When the 3-meter-long roll is unfolded, you will understand what is amazing! Five oxen together, the ox turns the world and opens a new era. The bull has always been a symbol of beauty. The bull is soaring, the bull market is prosperous, and many ethnic groups are popular with bull worship. The five bulls in "Five Bulls" are: Pioneering Bull, Lucky Bull, Lucky Bull, Prosperous Bull, and Ruyi Bull. Bringing five cows home is equivalent to bringing home diligence, good luck, wealth, prosperity, and good luck, and you can pray for good luck. The limited edition of 3,000 sets of the permanent collection of the "Five Bulls" re-enactment paintings are all equipped with gift box packaging. The gift box is square and orderly, and it is a consistent standard produced by the Forbidden City. The atmospheric and elegant yellow of the Forbidden City makes people feel the shocking temperament of this ancient painting! Each set comes with a certificate of production, guaranteed authentic, limited to 3000 sets! "Five Bulls" Silk Scroll Collector's Edition, the original price is 3960 yuan, 10% off today! Only 498 yuan! ! ! A limited number, while stocks last. This may be the closest you will get to a "national treasure"~ If you read this article


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