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In 2008, herdsmen picked up two "cats" and ate lambs in the middle of the night. They turned out to be the kings of the mountains.

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In 2008, herdsmen picked up two "cats" and ate lambs in the middle of the night. They turned out to be the kings of the mountains.

Two "spotted cats" were picked up from the mountain

In May 2008, Zhang Peiwei, a herdsman from Yining County, Xinjiang, was as usual in a valley pasture near the township government. Grazing, while the sheep bowed their heads to graze, Brother Zhang walked around nearby, thinking of digging up some Fritillaria and wild mushrooms to go back and subsidizing some households. Just as he was looking for the fritillary, he found a nearby grass swaying. Brother Zhang walked over and looked at the grass. In the grass, there were actually two small animals with gray fur and slight spots on their bodies crawling in the grass. Wet from the rain, the cold wind on the mountain made them shiver. Brother Zhang looked at their appearance and thought that these two little guys might be cubs of prairie tabby cats. The prairie tabby cat, also known as the wild cat and the raccoon, is somewhat similar in appearance to a domestic cat, has a short temper, and has stripes on its body. Brother Zhang didn't see the mother tabby cat nearby, so he could only put the two kittens into his arms, bring them back to his tent, and feed them some dry food and water. In the next two days, in addition to taking care of the two kittens, Brother Zhang also went out from time to time to see if the big cat came back. Unfortunately, until the third day, the big cat did not wait for the big cat to come back. Brother Zhang could only bring two "stray cats" down the mountain and go home. There are a lot of animals in the house, and they are not bad for them to eat in one bite. Brother Zhang's mother also likes the two furry little guys very much. She feeds them with some milk and rice porridge every day, and the two little guys also grow quickly.

Identity doubts

soon, two months later, the Zhang family felt that something was wrong. These two little guys have grown too fast. It is very abundant, and it is naughty every day. It can no longer be kept indoors and can only be transferred to the sheepfold. But the bigger problem is their looks. Their hair is very thick, the hair on the body is 5 cm long, and the hair on the stomach reaches 12 cm, which looks a lot rounder than the prairie tabby cat. The markings on the fur are also gradually darker, with very dense black markings. Most importantly, the two little guys have very long tails, about four-fifths of the length of their bodies. The tabby cat's tail is generally only half of the body. The characteristics of Brother Zhang and the snow leopard he feeds can almost confirm that they are not tabby cats. On the contrary, their faces and ears are relatively round and they look like tigers. Seeing how they were flexibly jumping and playing in the sheepfold, Big Brother Zhang gradually had a guess in his heart, but he was still not sure. And the realization of this suspicion was something that happened in July. One day in July, Brother Zhang went to the sheep pen to feed the two little guys and the sheep as usual, but unexpectedly found a pool of blood in the sheep pen. A little lamb fell in a pool of blood, its stomach was hollowed out, and the flesh on its body was already eaten clean. Brother Zhang immediately checked the protective measures of the sheepfold and found that it was not damaged, so the problem could only be internal. Brother Zhang, who had doubts about the identities of the two little guys at first, is now 80% sure that the true identities of these two "spotted cats" are probably the snow leopards known as "King of the Mountain", and the remaining 20% Doubt, or because he has never seen a living snow leopard. Brother Zhang hesitated again and again, but still called the relevant departments. Snow leopards are national treasures. In 2008, there were only about 3,500 to 4,000 in the world, and the rarity was no less than that of giant pandas. Therefore, the director of the Wildlife Conservation Office came to basically determine the identity of the snow leopard, and then the Autonomous Prefecture Forestry Department sent experts to conduct further inspections and determined that the two little guys were a pair of snow leopards, one male and one female. There is a question before everyone.

Difficult Feeding

The local wildlife rescue center does not have feeding conditions, plus the two little snow leopards have been raised by people, and now they are not afraid of people, and They also do not have the ability to survive in the wild and cannot be released rashly. Otherwise, if they can't find food in the wild, they are likely to go to the village to steal livestock. Many man-eating tigers in the world broke into villages to steal livestock because they could not find food, and eventually became man-eating tigers step by step. Although the snow leopard has a leopard in its name, it mainly describes the leopard-like markings on its body. In fact, it is the closest relative to the tiger. Although their distribution and living environment are quite different, they are sister species. There are five species of cats in the genus Panthera: tigers, lions, leopards, jaguars and snow leopards, and snow leopards are the smallest in the entire genus Panthera. Adult snow leopards are only more than 1 meter long and weigh only about 20 to 50 kilograms, which is only comparable to some large dogs, but even so they are ferocious wild animals, able to prey on ungulates twice their size, and have a large food intake. very large. The two snow leopards raised by Brother Zhang have grown up to 15 kilograms after half a year, which is close to adult snow leopards. Since they were fed with lambs, these two snow leopards could no longer eat the original rice porridge and milk. They had to eat four or five kilograms of meat every day. In order to prevent their wildness from being consumed, Brother Zhang had to feed them every three or five times. Eat live chicken. Worrying about them getting sick, Brother Zhang has to help them take a bath. Two little snow leopards, however, accidents still happened. One day, two little snow leopards disappeared from the sheep pen, which caused the whole family to panic. . The Zhang family was very worried that the two little snow leopards would hurt people or livestock in the village, and immediately dispatched to look for them. Fortunately, the Zhang family soon found two little snow leopards under the pyre. It turns out that snow leopards live between high mountains and cliffs, and the food they usually catch is also a parkour master like blue sheep. Their jumping ability is very strong. The maximum jumping ability of snow leopards with clear records is 15 meters, which is more than 10 times their body length. . The small sheepfold fence naturally cannot trap them. Private individuals are never allowed to raise state-protected animals, and soon the relevant departments picked up two snow leopards, preparing to carry out wild training for them and then release them into nature. Although Big Brother Zhang was reluctant, he also knew that their destination was always the vast nature, not the narrow sheepfold.

The Most Beautiful Feline

Snow leopards are known as the "elves of the snowy mountains", and they are also considered the most beautiful cats, along with other Unlike panthera, snow leopards do not have the ability to roar, because their vocal cords are relatively weak and cannot form a roar. Their body size is also the smallest among panthers, their skulls are no more than 20 cm long, and their bite force is naturally not as good as that of tigers. However, their mouths can open to about 70°, which is the largest among panthers and is very suitable for killing blue sheep. An animal with a thicker neck. The canine teeth of snow leopards are thinner and rounder than other leopards, so that after biting the blue sheep, even if the blue sheep struggle and cause the snow leopards to fall together, their teeth are not easy to slip off, and at the same time, they can rotate smoothly to prevent the canine teeth from getting stuck. Injuried. Snow leopards and tiger leopards have small differences in appearance, such as their noses. They live on snow-capped mountains at an altitude of 3,000 to 5,000 meters all year round. They have an enlarged nasal cavity and external nostrils, which are not only beneficial to warm and humidify the cold air they inhale, but also accelerate the supply of oxygen when they are exercising vigorously. This is a variation for running fast at high altitudes. The sturdy tail, which is about 1 meter long, can help them maintain balance in motion, and their strong jumping ability ensures that they can shuttle gracefully on the mountains. Their large tails also cover their muzzles and act as a "scarf" for warmth when they are resting. In order to keep out the cold, the snow leopard will also collect the hair dropped by itself and its cubs and press it under the body. Because their nests are relatively fixed, they have "made" a blanket over time. In the zoo, snow leopards have also been observed to bite their tails, which is said to help them relieve boredom and bring a sense of security. In 2018, a survey report showed that after more than ten years of protection, the wild population of snow leopards has recovered to about 5,000. At the same time, 60% of the global snow leopard's habitat is located in China, and IUCN has lowered its protection level. Although it is "vulnerable", it is still a first-class protected animal in my country. Finally, put a picture of a snow leopard being scared away by his own cubs Reference materials "Xinjiang Herdsman and His Pair of Snow Leopards" Jing Shuangshan "Ancient Puzzle: Snow Leopard" Zhong Hua "The True Face of "The King of the Mountain" Snow Leopard Chen Zhiying

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