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The stray little white dog chased the car frantically, and did not stop after tens of meters: Can you take me home?

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The stray little white dog chased the car frantically, and did not stop after tens of meters: Can you take me home?

Two days ago, I saw a little story about "stray dogs chasing a car" on the Internet. After reading it, veterinarian Xiao Ming was also deeply touched. Let me share it with you below. A stray dog ​​came during a picnic. The story happened in Jingzhou, Hubei. On this day, the woman and a few friends made an appointment to have a picnic around the reservoir on the mountain. When they placed their things and started to sit and chat, a little white dog ran up behind them, let's call it "Little White" for the time being. Xiaobai has been sitting about 2 meters away from the women and the others, not screaming or making trouble, just watching quietly, "Give me something to eat" written in his pitiful eyes. "Puppy, what do you want to eat?" Then they fed it a lot of food. Since then, the little white dog has been following behind the big guy, and those who didn't know it thought it was the dog brought by the woman and the others. During the period, the woman also discussed with her friends, and she also has a lot of fate with the little white dog. Otherwise, let's go with him, if he doesn't resist. But the little white dog may be a little scared. They tried to hug it twice, and they could feel its resistance, and then gave up, thinking that it might prefer a free life. The stray little white dog started chasing the car, and then the sky gradually darkened, and the big guy decided to return. Since the little white dog had been resisting getting into the car, they just let it decide and didn't force it. But the moment the car drove away, the little white dog kept chasing behind, even after tens of meters without giving up: Can you take me home? "Slow down!" The woman said to her friend after seeing this scene. There is no family in this wilderness. If you really ignore it, maybe it will be dead, and now it is chasing cars, and everyone's hearts are moved. So they stopped the car and decided to try holding it again, thinking if it didn't work this time, forget it. But fortunately, this time it was very obedient and was carried into the car obediently. Since then, the woman and four friends have one more "dog son". The stray dog ​​has a home. The dog has been adopted. The little guy is very well-behaved. He doesn't struggle to bathe him. The woman said that she was afraid that she would not have time to take care of the dog, so she never raised it. Now that she has chosen to raise a dog, she will treat it well in the future. Since the traction rope I bought has not arrived yet, the little guy is now being kept in the yard. Although the place is not as big as the reservoir, there is an owner who loves it from now on. After seeing the video of the woman, many netizens expressed their gratitude to her, thanking her for giving the dog a home, and at the same time feeling that "the dog is rich", the woman will get rich in the future. But the woman said, "No thanks, it was the dog who moved us." It can be seen that this young lady is also a humble and kind person. I believe that under her care, Xiao Baibai will be happy in the future. Message: Which stray animal doesn't want to have a home? When human beings want to approach them, they instinctively want to protect themselves and will choose to stay away, but when they feel the kindness of people, they will obediently be willing to go with you. So, if you decide to adopt stray animals, you have to capture their hearts first. Impress them with kindness and let them volunteer to be your family. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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