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The woman found a small milk cat and was ecstatic, thinking that when she found the cat, the ending turned

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The woman found a small milk cat and was ecstatic, thinking that when she found the cat, the ending turned

Everyone is familiar with human traffickers, but have you heard of "cat traffickers"? Of course, the cat dealer mentioned by veterinarian Xiaoming here is not a dealer who sells cats in the traditional sense, but a type of person who obtains cats by means of "abduction and kidnapping". For example, the young lady in the following story is an out-and-out "cat dealer". I thought the story of Bai picking up a cat happened in Fujian Province. The little sister likes cats very much, but she has never had the opportunity to keep them. One night, she was still thinking, if only she could have a cat, but she didn't expect luck to come the next day. On her way to work the next day, when she passed a bush, she heard the faint sound of a small milk cat. He ecstatically took a closer look, and sure enough, there was a little milk cat that was just born. Because she was too excited, she picked up the cat and put it in her palm. She even took a video with her mobile phone and showed off to her friends that she had also picked up the cat. Of course, how smoothly the story progresses, the more sad the ending turns. 2 hours later, the cat mother came to the door when the little sister brought the little milk cat back to the company, and named the cat "Rake Ears" because its small ears were slightly folded. Unexpectedly, after about 2 hours, a big wandering orange came to the door. The little sister now understands that the cat she picked up was not thrown away, but belonged to her mother. Although she was very reluctant, she still let Daju take the little milk cat away. Damn, it turned out that he had taken away the children of others without his knowing it. Did you think the story would end like this? not at all. A careful netizen found from the cat-picking video shared by the little sister that when she saw the little milk cat in the bushes, the mother cat was in the bushes above the kitten, and the distance was very close, but the little sister was too excited (probably short-sighted), didn't see the female cat at all. Therefore, in a real sense, the little sister was a little milk cat snatched from the mother cat at that time, and she was a "cat dealer" in the eyes of the mother cat. Trying to please the cat mother with food temptation, but after realizing that she is a "cat dealer", the lady has a good attitude of admitting her mistake. The next day, she found the cat mother, apologized, and took out cat food and cat strips to please the mother cat, hoping to get closer to her so that she could hand over the baby to herself after weaning the kitten. Hahahaha, knowing mistakes can improve a lot, veterinarian Xiao Ming thinks that Miss Sister has a very correct attitude towards mistakes, presumably the cat mother will finally give her the kitten with confidence, and after she really adopts the little orange cat, she can also Treat it well. Message: "Kidnapping instead of buying" and "adopting instead of buying" are good ways to deal with stray cats. This will not only solve the problem of stray cats, but also allow fur children to have a home. But it is worth noting that when we approach stray cats, we should be careful, not take them too hard, but to see if they are willing to go with us, so as not only to ensure our own safety, but also to see Are the kittens willing to be raised by themselves? The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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