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The stray cat sits at the door of the room and dares not enter, which is in stark contrast with the aborigines, which is very sad

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The stray cat sits at the door of the room and dares not enter, which is in stark contrast with the aborigines, which is very sad

Most of the stray cats have a hard life and are skinny. If they are very sensible and obedient, it will be even more distressing. About half a month ago, a woman was walking her dog at night when she saw a kitten on the riverside walk next to it. Because the kitten was visibly thin and limping while walking, the woman couldn't help but go down to see its condition. This is a three-flowered female cat. It is covered with dust, and her eyelids are still glued together. She must be seriously dehydrated. It was so thin that it seemed to have a skeleton except for its fur, and it was wobbly and unsteady when it walked. The cat is very obedient, no matter how the woman touches it, it will still stay in place, and will respond to the woman's words in a low voice. Such a painful kitten, the woman of course chose to abduct it home! After the test confirmed that there was no cat plague, the cat was officially settled in the woman's home. Seeing that it doesn't like drinking water, the woman soaked canned food and cat food in water to feed it. A few aborigines saw the new cat and came over curiously to watch. After a night, the cat that had eaten and slept became more clingy. When the woman reaches out, it will rub its head with its head and keep making small purrs, as if it is coquettish with the woman. After more than ten days of careful feeding, the cat has basically recovered, become able to run and jump, and gain weight. The only thing that has not changed is that it is still very sensible and clingy. Seeing that the cat's physical condition returned to normal, the woman also arranged for him to bathe, trim his nails, and drop ear oil. Seeing the cat's incomparably cooperative appearance, netizens have expressed that their own rebels can't be compared with it at all. The cat who washed Xiangxiang finally got the right to move freely at home, but when the woman came out of the bath, the scene in front of her made her feel very distressed. It turns out that since the woman entered the bathroom to take a shower, the cat has been sitting in the doorway of the bedroom, looking into the room from time to time, but never dared to take the initiative to enter. In sharp contrast, the aboriginal cat that has been carefully cared for since childhood. It can enter as soon as it wants, regardless of whether it has or not. It really does not care if it is pampered! Seeing this scene, the woman took the initiative to call the cat into the room, but it only walked a little distance inside, and then continued to sit down and began to look politely. The words "carefully" were written all over the cat's face. I don't know what the cat has experienced before to develop such a character, but the woman has made up her mind to treat it well, hoping that it will not feel restrained at home in the future. Now the kitten is sticking to the woman's side all the time, just like a puppy. It follows wherever it goes. When it calls it, it will raise its tail high, and it can be said that the mood is very happy. I wish the kitten and the kind-hearted woman all happiness in the future! The stray furry children are really pitiful. Without the help of good-hearted people, they might die silently in the middle of the night. I hope that in the future, when you encounter the poor and lovable little homeless, you can do your best to help, maybe you can pull them back from the dead line with a little effort? The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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