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Dogs "nibble" the owner's hand, mostly because of these thoughts, you know?

Time:2023-02-03 11:07:24 author:Zoo Read:724次
Dogs "nibble" the owner's hand, mostly because of these thoughts, you know?

I believe that many owners have been "nibble" by dogs, so why do dogs "nib" themselves? In fact, most of the dog's "nibbling" the owner is these few ideas, see you know? 1. "Master, I want to be quiet" Many dog ​​owners go to pet their dogs whenever they are free, and dogs are not always willing to let their owners touch them. Sometimes they want to be alone. When it wants to be quiet now, the owner will come and slap it, the dog will feel very annoyed, and will bark twice to the owner first to protest. If the master wants to touch, he can only bite the master lightly and warn the master. If you still want to lick your dog at this time, you can only use snacks Dafa, I believe that no dog can resist the temptation of snacks, and will definitely come to you~ Second, "Master, you go today Where are you fooling around?” Every time the owner returns home, he can see the dog rushing towards him enthusiastically, licking his face with saliva, and sometimes “nibbling” his hand. In fact, the dog wants to get the information on you, see where you have gone today, and check the post online! ! If the dog smells that you are kicking other dogs on your back today, the dog will be very angry. No matter how you call it, it will ignore you. Only small snacks can coax it. 3. "Put an exclusive label on the owner" Sometimes the dog nibbles the owner, but actually wants to give the owner his own exclusive label. The dog's licking and nibbling can leave its own smell. In this way, when the owner is outside and encounters other dogs, those dogs will know that you have a dog. Fourth, "Master, play with me." The owner ignores the dog for a long time, the dog will want to attract the owner's attention, let the owner notice the dog, and play with the dog. At this time, the dog will bring the toy first, and then lightly bite the owner's hand or pull the trouser leg to let the owner notice him and play with him. 5. "Master, I like you very much" There are actually only those kinds of ways for dogs to express their love, such as licking you and nibbling you. So nibbling is a way for dogs to express their love, and owners don't understand it! 6. "Master, borrow your hand to grind your teeth" Dogs start to change their teeth at 3 to 7 months. During the process of changing teeth, their teeth may be a little uncomfortable, and they will want to bite something. The owner's hand is neither soft nor hard, so it is a perfect molar stick for dogs. If you don't want your dog to bite your hand, you can buy some teething treats for the dog and let him hold the teething treats to chew on, so that they won't bite your hands. Those tasteless hands must be the most fragrant snacks. However, when choosing molar treats, remember not to choose too hard treats. When dogs change their teeth, their teeth are still very fragile, and too hard molar treats can easily damage their teeth. 7. "Master, I'm hungry." Now dogs are just like human beings. When it's time or hungry, they will come to you. But dogs can't speak how to express it. Usually, dogs bark and lick to tell their owners that they are hungry. If the owner does not understand, the dog will nibble the owner, indicating that the stomach is already hungry. The reason why the dog is so anxious to find the owner to eat is because food is very important to the dog and is the basic of survival. That's why it's so anxious. If the owner forgets to feed the dog, the dog will starve for a long time, which is not good for their body. If you want your dog to be healthy, in addition to feeding it regularly and quantitatively, a nutrient-rich dog food is very important. If your dog eats well, the body will be stronger. Conclusion: When will your dog " Nibble" you? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area~


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