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It turns out that the "Havanese" has so many advantages, no wonder it is so popular

Time:2023-02-03 11:28:24 author:Mammal Read:917次
It turns out that the "Havanese" has so many advantages, no wonder it is so popular

Havanese, I don't know if you have heard of it? It is a dog with the same "short legs" as Corgi. It is beautiful and cute. Today, let's talk about why it is popular!

Introduction to the Havanese:

The Havanese, also known as the "Havanese Bichon". It originated in the 18th century and originated in the Cuban region. It is the national dog of Cuba and the only native breed in the region, but it is said to have been brought to Cuba from the Canary Islands. It was bred as a play dog ​​and is very popular in the United States as a "baby dog" for American dog fans.

Advantages of the Havanese:

(1) Small and cute as a play dog, the Havanese is definitely more attractive in appearance, and its size It's small and cute, looks very sweet, and has thick and soft hair, and the fluffy little curly hair is even more cute when walking. (2) Will please people There is a saying about it that "I would rather be a first-class dog than a third-rate person", which means that it will flatter and please the local dignitaries. Correspondingly, in today's day, its characteristics will also become its advantage, that is, it is very pleasing to the owner, and it is also beautiful. It is not too much to say that it is "Daji in the dog world". (3) The Havanese is an emotional dog. It is easy to get along with humans and has deep feelings for the owner. It will show the owner a well-behaved and obedient character, obey the owner's words, and give the owner the experience of raising a dog. Feeling full. (4) It is a very good companion dog with a small amount of quiet exercise. It is not only stable, quiet and gentle, but also does not exercise much. Therefore, it is also a good choice to raise one for parents. It can accompany them to walk around easily and improve the sense of satisfaction. , no longer alone. (5) One of the reasons why the pet owners who have raised it are full of praise is that it is relatively smart, and it can be trained well without much effort in training. If you can add snacks to motivate it, it will also will be done better. (6) The body odor is light and does not shed. It has almost no body odor, and it will not stink when kept at home. Although it is a long-haired dog, it does not shed. The hair quality is similar to that of humans. Very friendly to dogs with hair allergies. But the only disadvantage is that you need to help it take care of its hair, otherwise the hair will be messy, knotted, etc., which will affect the appearance. In addition to daily grooming, you can also choose a dog food containing beautiful hair ingredients to feed your dog to make the hair soft and shiny. Conclusion: Do you want to adopt a Havanese?


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