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Shanghai Jiading found "Yi", with a fat body and a ferocious temperament, hiding in the farmland after hurting his buttocks

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Shanghai Jiading found "Yi", with a fat body and a ferocious temperament, hiding in the farmland after hurting his buttocks

When we were young, we learned about the animal "Yi" for the first time through Lu Xun's literary work "Hometown". It was not until we grew up that we realized that there is no such animal in reality, and even the word was created by Lu Xun himself. . In a letter written by Lu Xun to Shu Xincheng in 1929, it was mentioned that Yi was created by him based on the voices spoken by the villagers. Now that I think about it, it may be a badger. There are many kinds of badgers living in our country, such as dog badgers, pig badgers, weasel badgers, etc. Some scholars, based on the story background of the novel and the distribution of badgers, finally deduced that the probability of Xi is a badger is very high.

Badgers hide in farmland and have wounds on their buttocks

Badgers are widely distributed in my country, from Inner Mongolia to Northeast China and North China They have been distributed all the way to Guangdong and Guangxi. They mainly inhabit in various habitats such as mountain and wild shrubs, farmland, sand dunes and grasses, lakes and streams, and have strong adaptability to the environment. Recently, an injured badger was found in a farmland in Jiading, Shanghai. At that time, Mr. Lu, a villager from Shuangtang Village, Huating Town, Jiading District, was doing farm work in the paddy field when he suddenly noticed that there seemed to be some movement beside him. animal. This animal has a relatively fat body. The hair on the body is mainly brown and white or creamy yellow. The hair on the head is black and white in stripes, and it also has a dog nose. The strange appearance made Mr. Lu instantly feel that this animal is not simple. If there is no accident, it should be a protected animal, so he quickly contacted the forestry station. After the staff arrived, it was confirmed that it was a male badger, which belonged to the national "three possessions" protected animals. The reason why it appears here, it is guessed that it may be foraging, because the badger is omnivorous, and there are some corn, beans, potatoes and other crops around. The badger had an obvious trauma on its butt, and was immediately sent to the Shanghai Zoo for rescue. After his body recovered, he was released back into the wild.

The badger has a fat body, short limbs, and a very fierce temperament

The badger refers to the Eurasian badger, which is often referred to as the badger. A mustelidae animal, medium in size, can reach 5-10 kg in adulthood, and a few large individuals can grow to more than 15 kg. The badger's limbs are relatively short and strong, and the body is relatively fat, so it looks fat. But don't look at its "bloated" body, but the badger has strong mobility. Although its limbs are short, it is strong and runs fast. In the fields, even good hounds have a hard time keeping up with them. Although they usually walk faster, when returning to the burrow, they will suddenly slow down, then clear their claws and heads at the entrance of the hole, and then enter the burrow slowly. In addition, the badger has a more cautious habit when going out of the burrow, that is, he first probes his head, and only after observing that there is no danger around him, will he slowly walk out of the burrow. As we all know, many members of the mustelidae are "ruthless characters", such as honey badger, wolverine, etc., are notoriously fierce in nature, and even strong male lions are reluctant to provoke honey badgers. Although the temperament of the badger cannot be compared with that of the honey badger, it is also very ferocious. Once provoked, they will straighten their fronts, then wave their claws and make short warning sounds in their mouths. Badgers adhere to the principle of "don't be afraid of trouble and don't cause trouble". Although they are fierce in temperament, if they don't provoke them, they generally won't take the initiative to attack humans and livestock.

The burrowers in nature are often "take advantage" by the raccoon dog

Badgers have strong claws, although these claws are not sharp enough for hunting , but it is very suitable for digging, so the badger is the most powerful burrowing animal in nature, and it is the top burrowing expert. The caves they excavated have complex internal structures, comfortable and spacious, and can be called underground "luxury villas". Badgers are an animal that needs to hibernate, and they are very dependent on burrows. Sometimes a burrow is optimized through two generations of efforts to make it very perfect. The badger's burrow structure is generally divided into a tunnel, a living room, and a bedroom. The bedroom will be padded with cut hay, which is very comfortable to lie on. There are many animals in nature that are highly dependent on burrows, but have very low burrowing skills. For example, there are also many raccoon dogs in Shanghai. They also need to hibernate and sleep in burrows, but raccoon dogs have low burrowing skills, and natural and high-quality burrows are hard to come by, so they set their sights on the badger's burrow. The badger hibernates earlier than the raccoon and wakes up later than the raccoon, so the raccoon will seize the gap. When the badger first enters the bedroom in the cave to hibernate, the raccoon will sneak into the badger's burrow , sleep in a deep tunnel or in the living room. When the early spring comes, the raccoon dog is the first to go out of the cave. The immoral raccoon dog will also take advantage of the badger's sound sleep, pull the dirt and leaves, seal the tunnel, and suffocate the badger inside. Badgers are a relatively common wild animal in my country, and Shanghai is also their place of origin. In addition, the badger is also the largest pure native beast in Shanghai. There is an animal in nature that looks very similar to a dog badger, that is, the pig badger. Its hair is mainly brown, and the hair on its head is also black and white stripes. To distinguish the two, mainly look at the nose. The nose of the badger is like the nose of a pig, and the nose of the badger is like the nose of a dog. Don't get confused. Follow me and make a friend who understands animals.

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