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The stray female cat was sealed in the company for more than 20 days and survived by eating instant noodles: the box was full of tooth marks

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The stray female cat was sealed in the company for more than 20 days and survived by eating instant noodles: the box was full of tooth marks

How hard can stray cats work to survive? For them, as long as it is food that can fill the stomach, it is acceptable regardless of whether it is dirty, bad, or not originally eaten by cats. For example, the stray cat mother in the following story works too hard to live. A stray female cat was banned in the office for more than 20 days. The story took place in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Late last month, the epidemic in Chengdu suddenly broke out. Many people were still at work in the afternoon and were told to quarantine at home in the evening, including this eldest brother. Before the epidemic, the eldest brother met a stray female cat and followed him all the time. At that time, he felt destined to settle in the office temporarily. Unexpectedly, the epidemic came too suddenly, so he did not have time to prepare food for the female cat. Therefore, in his more than 20 days of isolation, he worried about the survival of stray cats every day. With nothing in the office, how does it survive? After the quarantine was over, he pushed open the door of the office and was stunned. On the first day after the epidemic, the eldest brother hurriedly returned to the office to check the situation of the stray cats. When he pushed open the glass door of the office, he was speechless: it is too easy to be alive. I saw that the office was turned into a mess by stray cats, the ground was littered with instant noodle debris, and there was an instant noodle box not far away, which was also covered with embossing. Big brother understood that during the period of being banned, stray cats lived by eating instant noodles. What shocked the eldest brother even more was that the stray mother cat gave birth to 6 cubs a few days ago. Under the care of the mother cat, the kittens live well. In addition to being surprised, the eldest brother is more moved. In order to give birth to a child, the stray mother cat desperately wants to live, and it is hard to be a mother, and animals are no exception. Supplementing nutrition for mother cats Now the stray mother cats and the cubs have been settled by the big brother, they have a warm cat litter and brand new tableware. Not only that, the eldest brother also prepared abundant ingredients for the female cat to replenish her body. The eldest brother said that he is not the savior, nor has the ability to save the common people, but when the mother cat followed him on the street with a big belly, he had to take them in. Doing good deeds by yourself is not to prove how kind you are, but to interpret the most basic conscience. To be honest, the sincere words of the elder brother made the veterinarian Xiao Ming feel deeply. Yes, actually rescuing stray cats is not a big deal, we can all do it, but how many people are really willing to help? Message: In the eyes of some people, giving stray cats a little food and water is a little effort and nothing to praise. But some people are not only unwilling to do it, but even hurt them, which is too much. Most stray cats do not take the initiative to disturb human life. What they think about most every day is how to obtain food and how to survive. So I hope you can give them more tolerance for their hard work, and if you have the ability, you can provide some help within your ability to make the world more loving. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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