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Big brother caught 1 fish in the sun for 1 day, but was targeted by wild cats. The guy transferred 50 yuan: I will pay for the money

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Big brother caught 1 fish in the sun for 1 day, but was targeted by wild cats. The guy transferred 50 yuan: I will pay for the money

If you catch a stray cat, will you give it to it? A video uploaded by a netizen two days ago went viral: He exposed a fish he caught one day, and he was snatched by a stray cat before he even took a bite, which triggered a "fighting battle" between humans and cats. One of the biggest silent events of the year. The story of a fish caught in the sun for a day happened in Hunan. This eldest brother is a fisherman, and he likes to go out fishing when he has nothing to do. A few days ago, the weather in Hunan was quite hot. He went fishing under the high temperature, but he was unlucky. After a day in the sun, he only caught one fish, and his mentality was lost. When he came home and put the fish in the basin, he didn't know where a stray cat came from, as if he had "premeditated" for a long time, and ran away with his only fish in his mouth. , grabbed the fish with one hand. But neither of the two parties was willing to let go of the fish. For them, the fish was of great significance. The netizen offered 50 yuan to buy fish for the cat. The two sides were deadlocked. Although it was a wild cat, the cat would not give in to this delicious dinner. Even if the eldest brother reprimanded the cat and put the fish down, it remained unmoved, and even stretched out his paws and scratched the eldest brother. This time, the big brother is even more angry. You can just grab the fish that I caught for a day, and scratch me. My dear, I can't give you the level of this fish. Later, the woman on the side thought this scene of "fishing battle" was very interesting, so she passed the video to netizens. Soon, it attracted the attention of many netizens. Everyone persuaded the man to give the fish to the cat, which is also pitiful. And there is even a netizen named "Jiangxiang", after adding the contact information of the eldest brother, he sent a red envelope of 50 yuan to the eldest brother, expressing that he would buy this fish for the cat. The cat refused to leave. The follow-up result was that the stray cat successfully ate the fish "sponsored" by the netizen. However, it is still quite courageous. After eating the fish, it will stay at the eldest brother's house and not leave, even if the eldest brother drives it out. In the face of this incident, netizens also have different opinions. Some netizens said that if they met this cat, they would not give the fish to it. Why would it blatantly grab the fish, and some netizens said that the cat was willing to pay for it? Yu's eldest brother is really kind, and those who are unwilling to pay are "hypocritical". In fact, veterinarian Xiao Ming believes that no one has to stand on the commanding heights of morality to criticize others. It is normal to give fish, and it is normal not to give fish. Buying fish for cats is worthy of praise, and it is understandable to spend no money. As long as we have good intentions in our hearts. Message: Most stray animals generally do not disturb people's lives unless they have to. For example, I am very hungry and need help too much. If you like animals, you can help as much as you can, if you don't, just don't take care of them as long as they don't endanger us. It is not easy for stray animals to live. We should be more tolerant and understanding, and make the world more loving. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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