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The toy ball rolled into the bottom of the bed and the owner couldn't reach it, so the dog brought the broom: what are you doing, dig it out?

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The toy ball rolled into the bottom of the bed and the owner couldn't reach it, so the dog brought the broom: what are you doing, dig it out?

It is said that the dog is smart and good, but if the dog in the family suddenly shows a high IQ, then the first thing the shit shoveling officer will feel is not a surprise, but a doubt about life. It is said that there is a young lady in Henan who has two dogs, a Teddy and a golden retriever. The golden retriever's name is Kaka. Kaka is very obedient, but also likes to be lazy. When the owner makes him unhappy, he will stare at the young lady with white eyes. That little expression is really interesting. When she was a child, the young lady especially liked a golden retriever who worked for the master in a Thai drama, so she raised Kaka when she grew up. In order to realize her wish as soon as possible, the young lady started training the golden retriever with some simple instructions when she was three months old. The biggest charm of Kaka is the innate talent for language. It can understand the master's words when it is a child, and when it grows up, it can also hear the master speaking ill of itself, and make silent protests with expressions. Even with some minor shortcomings, the smart Kaka lived up to expectations. When he was over a year old, he had successfully become the "dog nanny" at home, and he could help the young lady with many things. On this day, while playing, the golden retriever accidentally rolled the toy ball into the gap under the bed. The foot of the bed is very short, and the gap below is not big, so Miss Sister and Golden Retriever can only look in by lying on one side. The young lady tried to get the ball out of the bed, but she couldn't reach it. When she was upset, the young lady couldn't help muttering: "It's enough to have a broom..." She was so focused on picking up the ball that she didn't notice that the golden retriever had quietly left the bed. After a while, the golden retriever came back, and surprisingly, it actually came with a broom! At this moment, the man and the dog looked at each other and looked at each other. The dog looked at the owner and thought to himself: What are you doing, digging out! The little sister looked at the dog and thought to herself: I didn't expect you to know the broom! Those few seconds were as long as a century. The young lady, who finally recovered from her brain crash, subconsciously said "thank you" to the dog, then picked up the broom and started to reach for the toy ball. Let's just say that high-quality shit shoveling officers are really different, and they can be very polite to dogs. After the incident, the young lady "advised" everyone bitterly: "Don't raise a dog that is too smart!" Presumably in the days to come, when she dreams back at midnight, she can't help but recall this embarrassing scene. Some dogs are naturally very smart and will do more things that ordinary dogs can't do, but if they act like demons, it will make the owner more difficult to guard against. At this time, the owner should correct the dog in time so that it understands his mistakes. If you feel that your dog doesn't seem to be that smart, you don't have to be discouraged. The acquired training and education will help develop intelligence. With more patience, more snacks, and more training, your furry child is the best! The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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