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"Prohibited list" is out, don't keep these dogs anymore

Time:2023-03-27 10:39:02 author:Mammal Read:383次
"Prohibited list" is out, don't keep these dogs anymore

There are more and more people raising dogs now, but it’s not that you can raise whatever dog you want, but listen to some advice. dog!

Wolf Blue Dog

1. Place of Origin: Akita, Japan 2. Reason for Prohibition: Wolf Green Dog is a working dog, and it is not It is an exaggeration to say that it is really excellent, vigilant and loyal, and keeping it can protect your home from thieves. However, the wolf's wild nature is still very strong, and its temperament will be a little unstable. It is more aggressive, and its attack power is super strong. Therefore, it is very unsafe for the society to keep it, so it is banned.


1. Origin: Yugoslavia 2. Reason for ban: Many people's impression of Dalmatians only stays in In the anime, it is cute, lively, and likable, but you can't just look at the surface so superficially, its attack power is very strong, and it is more ferocious when it bites in battle. Moreover, if it is not raised well, it is easy to hurt people, and it will not let go easily. It runs fast, so it is difficult to control it, so it is on the list of banned breeding in my country.


1. Origin: Germany 2. Reason for ban: Ronaway can be said to be the top three in the world The boss of the guard dog, one can imagine how strong its fighting ability is. It has strong muscles and super bite force, and it is also a fierce dog. Although it is friendly and docile to the owner, and loyal to the owner, there are also many social incidents about it hurting people. It is still very unsafe to let it be raised in the city, so it is also banned.

Bull Terrier

1. Place of Origin: England 2. Reason for Prohibition: Bull Terrier is a cross between terriers and bulldogs , completely inherited the genes of the two types of dogs with strong temperament and strong aggressiveness. After all, they were bred as bulldogs. So don't look at its cute and harmless appearance, its nature can be extremely fierce, in the arena, but it is very unwilling to admit defeat, and it will never let go when it bites, so it is also on the banned list.

Doberman Pinscher

1. Place of Origin: Germany 2. Reason for Prohibition: Many people want to keep Doberman pinscher because of it Handsome and stylish, it was raised as a military and police dog, and it is indeed very heroic. Therefore, its size is very tall, it is also a ferocious dog breed, and it is also very vigilant, so it may be over-prepared and cause injury. But in fact, the heart of wanting to raise a dog is still very satisfied. There are so many dog ​​breeds to choose from. For example, the following two are very good. The high value of the dog will please people, and you can be happy every day if you keep it. ①Corgi Corgis are famous for their short legs and cuteness, and their peach buttocks twist and twist when they walk, which always makes people want to touch them. And it is a happy and lively dog. It may have been a relative of Erha before, and he can often make expressions that make the pet owner laugh. But the corgi will also be more energetic, and if it does not meet its amount of exercise, it may be destroyed. If the pet owner raises it, he needs to take him out to consume more energy. If he goes home and dismantles the house, he needs to train him more. It can be combined with snacks to train, which is more effective. After all, he is also a snack food. ②Bichon Bichon Frise is a pet dog that many people keep. It has a docile and sticky personality, with small white curly hair, cute and charming, and its expression is cute and cute, which often makes pet owners feel unnaturally happy stand up. However, one point to pay attention to when feeding Bichon is that it is prone to tear stains. The pet owner can wipe it around the eyes more when you have time to remove secretions. You should also pay attention to the diet. It is best to choose one that can manage tears. Dog food feeding. Conclusion: What kind of dog do you prefer?


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