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8 major manifestations of dogs being "spoiled", it is estimated that your dog accounts for more than half

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8 major manifestations of dogs being "spoiled", it is estimated that your dog accounts for more than half

I believe that many owners will treat the dog as their child when they get along with the dog, they will pamper their dog very much, and follow it in everything, causing the dog to develop a lot of bad habits! If your dog has the following behaviors, it means that your dog has been "spoiled" by you!

Bark if you don't like it

If the owner will follow any request from your dog, once you If you don't follow it one day, it will be very dissatisfied and will bark unhappily at you. Because it is in its eyes, it is the boss. If you don't listen to it, it will be dissatisfied with you, barking at you, and grinning. This is one of the manifestations of it being "spoiled" by you.

Dogs and Humans

Dogs spoiled by their owners will do whatever they want when they are around their owners. Barking at other dogs, but hiding behind the owner, a typical dog fighting against people.

Ignore the owner's love

Dogs "spoiled" by their owners will be very presumptuous towards their owners and will not think that The master is the eldest. Facing the master's words, it will choose to ignore it. Some commands given by the master are completely ignored!

Regardless of the owner behind

When you go out for a walk, the dog will walk in front of you arrogantly, and even Violently rushed, he didn't care that there was a master behind him at all, he just followed his own ideas. If your dog behaves like this, it is "spoiled" by you. A dog that is smart and obedient will not be violent, and will be by the owner's side when walking the dog.

Love to tear down homes

Dogs spoiled by their owners will often tear down their homes because they know that in the end the owner will not How to scold it, will be willing to clean up. If your dog has the behavior of demolishing the house, reflect on whether he is too used to it. This behavior must be corrected in time, otherwise you will be the favorite customer of the furniture store owner!

Urine anywhere

When the dog is picked up home, the owner will train the dog to defecate at a fixed point. Allow your dog to go to the toilet in a designated area. If your dog is "spoiled" by you, once you don't like it, it will start to urinate everywhere, even in normal times, because it knows you will not treat it!

will grab the owner's food

We all know that dogs cannot resist food, because food is attractive to them It is very powerful, so every time the dog sees the owner eating, it will come to the owner to beg for food. But the owner, you feed the dog every time. After a long time, the dog will think that your food is what it can eat at will, and then it will directly grab it and ignore you at all. If your dog has this behavior, it means that it has been "spoiled" by you. If you don't correct it at this time, it will be difficult to correct it later. We can let the dog get rid of this bad habit through training. When training, with snacks as an aid, the training effect will be even better!

Eat very picky

If your dog is carefree from a young age, he can eat as much as he wants, and when he is not If you want to eat snacks, the owner will satisfy it, and it will be easily spoiled. It won't eat after giving it food, especially picky, because it knows that if it doesn't eat it now, it will taste better later. If your dog has a picky eating habit, it must be corrected in time, otherwise it will be more difficult to correct the later. In fact, some dogs are picky eaters who eat the same dog food every day, so change to a more palatable dog food, and the dog's appetite will be opened! Conclusion: Does your dog have the above performance?


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