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Autumn is a season of harvest and a season of hard work

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Autumn is a season of harvest and a season of hard work

Author: Uncle Box Warm reminder: It takes about 5 minutes to read this article. Epidemic, floods, wildfires, and droughts. In such a tossing year, we will usher in the fifth harvest festival for Chinese farmers. According to the agricultural situation dispatching data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the national autumn grain planting area exceeds 1.3 billion mu, and another bumper harvest is in sight this year. It seems that there is no need to stock up on food at home. Uncle Box was overjoyed and couldn't help but select a set of National Geographic and History global harvest photos for everyone. The photographers are amazing. Onion harvesting is done for the whole family, and there is no need to worry about food and clothing. This is a hard-working family harvesting onions under the sun in Maharashtra, India. This photo first appeared in a November 2009 story about how farmers in India were creating watersheds to improve reliable access to water, and scientific farming turned out to be useful. PHOTOGRAPH BY LYNSEY ADDARIO, NAT GEO IMAGE COLLECTION Wheat Harvest The United States used to be full of hardworking farmers, and a report in the May 2004 issue chronicled the struggles experienced by the Great Plains and its family farms. In this photo, high-tech harvesters in Kansas harvest winter wheat -- sometimes as much as 200 acres a day, in the hope that these modern machines will enrich American farmers' families. PHOTOGRAPH BY JIM RICHARDSON, NAT GEO IMAGE COLLECTION This is a woman harvesting water lilies in Vietnam's fertile Mekong Delta. "It's a one-kilometer pond," wrote photographer Nhan Le, who submitted the photo. “Every morning, the shopkeeper collects the flowers and sells them to dealers for 10,000 VND [45 cents] per pack.” For only three yuan per pack of such beautiful water lilies, you have to go to Vietnam to buy the flowers. PHOTOGRAPH BY NHAN LE, NAT GEO YOUR SHOT Harvesting beets No longer worry about eating beets next year, this is the members of the East German collective farm who can't help laughing while harvesting beets near Wismar. This photo was taken for a story in the September 1974 issue of East Germany's labor shortages and other commoners' struggle to survive. Sometimes life is not easy. PHOTOGRAPH BY GORDON GAHAN, NAT GEO IMAGE COLLECTION Harvesting Lily This is a photo of the protagonist who looks high-end. A story called "Nature's Rx" in April 2000 documented the use of natural remedies by people around the world. In this photo, a woman in Maine, USA, is happily harvesting white water lily roots, not to make a cold white lotus root, but to make a tincture to treat cervicitis. PHOTOGRAPH BY LYNN JOHNSON, NAT GEO IMAGE COLLECTION Water Lily Harvest A woman is harvesting water lilies in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. The fertile region is rich in flora and fauna, and its agricultural yields have earned the delta the nickname of Vietnam's "rice bowl." It's amazing how the photographer captured the hard work so beautifully from the sky. PHOTOGRAPH BY THÁI DƯƠNG LÊ, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC YOUR SHOT ORCHID HARVEST This photo from the March 1975 issue shows a woman harvesting orchids near Hilo, Hawaii. The expression of this eldest sister picking flowers in the flower field is very focused and peaceful, like a Zen master of flowers. The orchids grown on the Big Island are shipped all over the world every year, bringing a stable income to the eldest sister and the residents of countless islands. PHOTOGRAPH BY ROBERT MADDEN, NAT GEO IMAGE COLLECTION Tea picking Vietnam in various shots is very beautiful. This is San Lo, Vietnam, where people are picking tea in the harvested tea fields. The country earns nearly $1.5 billion annually from tea sales. These workers look like a group of colorful ants from a distance, beautiful and quiet. PHOTOGRAPH BY BÙI QUỐC KỲ KYNHONG, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC YOUR SHOT A bumper harvest at the salt farm This is workers harvesting salt in Bac Lieu province, Vietnam. Along the coast, seawater is carried to the fields, where it dries out in days and weeks, leaving behind salt. There are many ancient seaside cities around the world that once prospered because of salt pans. Although they have long become memories, drying salt is still an important way of making a living for many seaside residents. PHOTOGRAPH BY TUẤN NGUYỄN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC YOUR SHOT RED, HOT, SUN This is not Hunan nor Jiangxi, it is Bogra in Rajshahi, Bangladesh, the peppers are finally harvested, the women harvest the red peppers and sort them and put them in the sun Dry down. YOUR SHOT photographer MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan wrote: “There are nearly 100 factories with more than 2,000 workers working every day. They get nearly $2 after 10 hours of work, and in some places they get less than that. They work very hard to maintain the best quality." PHOTOGRAPH BY MD TANVEER ROHAN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC YOUR SHOT TOMATO HARVEST In Haiti, 60% of the population depends on agriculture. Harvests have grown significantly over the past few years with USAID's investments in local farmers. Uncle Box noticed that there were no women involved in labor in this photo, and asked her husband to look for Haitians. PHOTOGRAPH BY STEVE WINTER NAT GEO IMAGE COLLECTION Enter the special "Autumn Equinox Zone"

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