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Why should cats and dogs be neutered? Which pets can be neutered

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Why should cats and dogs be neutered? Which pets can be neutered

Cats and dogs that are kept as pets still need to be neutered. The need for sterilization of cats is more urgent, but some pets do not need to be neutered. 1. Why do cats and dogs need to be neutered? Both cats and dogs are animals that are in estrus on a regular basis. There are still some problems of estrus in pet feeding. After all, this is the most basic physiological response. Whether it's a dog or a cat, they all react greatly when they are in estrus, such as lack of energy, urination, howling, and madly fleeing when they smell the smell of the opposite sex. These reactions have seriously affected the lives of humans and pets, causing pets to flee, affecting family members and neighbors, and more. 2. The cat's estrus reaction is bigger. The dog's reaction is relatively small, and the cat's reaction is bigger, to the point of madness. The male cat is urinating, and if he smells the smell of a female cat within ten kilometers, he will desperately want to go. As long as the door is opened, the male cat will rush out. The reaction of female cats is bigger than that of male cats. Female cats who are in estrus are lethargic, do not like to eat or even fast. The most frightening thing is that this happens only once after a period of time, it may be once a month at the beginning, and it may be twice or three times a month in the future, and the estrus lasts longer and longer. 3. The benefits of sterilization for pets and owners After sterilization, pets will not be in estrus, and the problem of estrus that is the most troublesome for pets and owners is solved. After being sterilized, the pet lost its ability to reproduce, and the male and female were caged together or raised together, and no longer had to worry about how to send a litter of more than a dozen little guys in half a year. After neutering, the testicles and vas deferens diseases of male dogs and cats will no longer be present. Similarly, the most common diseases of female cats, such as pyometra, will no longer be present. Also, after male dogs and cats are neutered, their tempers will become much better, and they will not be as aggressive as they were before they were neutered. Of course, some people say that neutering will make pets live longer... This statement is not directly related. 4. Which pets can be neutered? Although some pets are also in heat, the reaction after they are in heat is not too severe. That is to say, after the pet is in heat, it will not affect eating and drinking (or has little effect), and it will not be too excessive in other behaviors (cage pets don't care about urinating, and they won't run away, etc.). Such pets do not need to be neutered. There are also animals for which there is no safe sterilization operation, such as hamsters and other very small pets, the operation is very dangerous and the cost is very high, and the reaction after estrus is not large, so there is no need to sterilize. Whether pets such as cats and dogs are sterilized or not is related to the intensity of the pet's reaction after estrus. The reaction is strong, and pets that are simple to sterilize should be sterilized as much as possible.


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