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How to use the cat treadmill correctly

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How to use the cat treadmill correctly

Cat treadmills still have a certain role. Not all cat-raising families need cat treadmills, and the use of cat treadmills and human treadmills is completely different. Therefore, it cannot be put on the cat according to the use method of the human treadmill, which will not only not help the cat's health, but even hurt the cat. 1. Why do people and cats use different treadmills? 1. Humans use treadmills to exercise endurance. Human exercise generally pays attention to aerobic exercise, that is, most sports require endurance exercise. The purpose of exercise is to keep fit and lose weight. In fact, the latter needs more, which requires that exercise must consume a lot of calories and also requires endurance training. Whether it is long-distance running to exercise endurance or explosive sprinting, it is difficult to find a suitable sports venue in today's urban environment. In the community, parks and other places are full of old men and women, making you timid when you exercise. If you touch it, you will be raised by someone for the rest of your life. Go to the street outside, it is full of traffic, one after another, you can't run. Therefore, the treadmill appeared, and you can perform long-distance running endurance training at home, and take a hot bath immediately after training, which is very comfortable. 2. The endurance of cats is really not good. All cats, including cats, are not outstanding in endurance, so hunting wins by ambush, lurking, and explosiveness. If you can't catch the prey in a short time, and you are forced to run and chase with the prey, it won't work for a long time. Therefore, when the cat is exercising, the treadmill can be used, but it cannot do too much endurance training. Instead, use several times a day, each time not too long exercise. 2. How to use cat treadmills correctly 1. Some families do not use cat treadmills. If your home has a large space and cats can play freely in various rooms of the house, you do not need a treadmill. If your cat often goes out to play and run in nature, then there is no need for a treadmill. If your cat is an active member, plays all kinds of activities every day, and does a lot of exercise, then there is no need for a treadmill. 2. Those families who need a treadmill first of all have insufficient space at home, or the home is very large, but there are many places where cats cannot pass. Secondly, the cat does not go out, that is, the cat is only at home every day and does not go out. Finally, cats don't like to exercise. They eat except sleep, and sleep after eating. I don't know what exercise is. If you have the above problems, you may need to prepare a cat treadmill. 3. If the treadmill can use the cat treadmill, it will be fine if you buy it and put it somewhere. After it is assembled, you must teach the cat to use the treadmill. Otherwise, there are some lazy cats, at most the cat just comes over to smell it, saying that it is not delicious. The cat will use it and it is not suitable for the final result. In the first few days, use food or a cat pole (some treadmills come with it) to lure the cat to use the treadmill. In short, let the cat develop a good habit of using the treadmill, instead of letting the cat try it once or twice without putting it in the corner to eat ashes. 4. Precautions for cat treadmills The treadmills that need to be assembled must be assembled according to the drawings, and the gaps must be paid attention to to avoid cats getting stuck. The food lures the cat to use the treadmill, pay attention not to take too long, run for a period of time to give snacks, and come back after a break. The treadmill should be fixed and placed in a stable place to prevent cats or other animals from hitting and hurting the cat. A friend's cat was sleeping under the treadmill, and his dog ran into the treadmill (he was in a hurry to go to work after unpacking it, but he didn't find a few grains of dog food underneath). Fortunately, the cat responded quickly, but the friend suspected that the dog was On purpose, jealous. Don't buy a cat treadmill on impulse. You should consider your actual situation. As for cats, you don't need a treadmill. It's not a treadmill problem. It should be that the cat is really lazy.

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