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Dogs have fleas! Here comes the long-hidden flea repellant

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Dogs have fleas! Here comes the long-hidden flea repellant

Fleas are not only active in summer, they are also active in autumn. Many pet owners do not pay attention, they will infect their dogs with fleas, causing the dogs to itching constantly and even scratching their skin. So today, the editor will talk about the flea repellent method that has been hidden for a long time, hurry up and collect it! 1. Apple cider vinegar method: 1:1 dosage, pour apple cider vinegar and warm water into a watering can and stir evenly, then spray it on the dog, you can focus on the back of the ears, tail, legs, etc. where fleas are infested, spray two more times can effectively kill fleas. 2. Lemon juice method: Mix the squeezed lemon juice with boiling water in a ratio of 1:2. After fully stirring, spray it on the dog, or directly soak a towel and cover it on the dog, so that Just wait ten minutes. 3. Rosemary juice method: Buy some fresh rosemary branches, boil them with water, soak them in water for 30 minutes, and finally filter the water out. Let the rosemary perfume cool, then wet the dog's hair with the water, and let it air dry before the fleas die. 4. Method of flea-killing soap: buy some flea-killing soap to bathe the dog, apply the flea-killing soap to the dog, sprinkle some water, and then rub out the foam, let the foam stay on the dog for a few minutes, and finally rinse it off. That's it. To keep your dog free of fleas, prevention is the most important! ① In order to prevent dogs from getting fleas, pet owners must do a good job of deworming in vitro. It is best to choose some big brand, high-quality deworming sprays, and use them regularly every month to prevent fleas. ②Let’s take your dog to some dense jungles and bushes, which can also avoid flea infection. When taking your dog out, try to bask in the sun as much as possible, and you can also do more exercise and training, which can improve the dog's resistance. ③At ordinary times, you should also pay attention to the healthy diet of your dog. Do not give the dog raw food, but cooked food. The staple food should be dog food as much as possible, and choose some nutritious dog food. Conclusion: Have you learned these methods?

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