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Tibetan Mastiff vs Cathrow, when the Eastern God of War meets the Western Martial Saint, who will have the last laugh?

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Tibetan Mastiff vs Cathrow, when the Eastern God of War meets the Western Martial Saint, who will have the last laugh?

Tibetan Mastiff vs Carlos, one is the invincible Eastern God of War, and the other is the invincible Western Martial Saint. If these two bulldogs have a one-on-one frontal anal, who will have the last laugh? In this issue, the Director of the Exploration Bureau will decrypt it for you.

1. Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is a pure dog breed with primitive blood, which is unique to Tibet, China, so it has become a a noble symbol. In fact, the ancient name of this kind of dog is "Qiang dog", which is also more in line with the characteristics of Chinese culture, because "mastiff dog" belongs to the classification of dog breeds by modern Western science, and therefore, the word "Tibetan mastiff" comes from the first The name given to it by the British who arrived in Tibet has been handed down. In addition to these two names, the Tibetan Mastiff also has two super domineering nicknames. One is the "Tiger Killer", which is named after Assange was often introduced to India to hunt Bengal tigers; the other is the "Oriental God of War". There is no doubt that this kind of dog is invincible in the East, whether it is a Tosa dog. Or the wolf green dog, it is not its opponent. The Tibetan Mastiff belongs to a large dog breed, and later Central Asian Wolfhounds and Caucasian Shepherds still have their genes. Adult males have a shoulder height of 66-76 cm, a body length of about 120 cm, and a weight between 41-68 kg. However, there is a mutant species of Tibetan Mastiff called "Ghost Mastiff". This dog can weigh up to 130 kilograms and is a super bloody breed. Because we are fighting Carlos here, there is no need for ghost mastiffs to participate in the battle. The reason why the Tibetan Mastiff has become the killer of tigers and snow leopards is because of its invincible fighting power. This kind of dog is tall, resolute, powerful, and wild, and has a strong aggressiveness towards outsiders and other dogs. At the same time, their body hair is thick and thick, and the outer layer is long and dense, just like the mane of the "king of all beasts" lions, which can prevent the damage of the opponent to a large extent. Because they live on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, where oxygen is scarce, they have super athletic ability, and it is their advantage to fight a protracted battle!

2. Carlos

Carlos is a bulldog native to Italy, once widely distributed in most of the Italian peninsula, but now only in Italy Found in southern Puglia. Because of their ferocious temperament, people like to call them "Carros the Bulldog" when they call them. The ancestor of Carlos was a kind of war dog in ancient Rome, which could not only complete the reconnaissance work well, but also assist the soldiers to attack the enemy. And the ancient Romans even used them to hunt lions, fighting wild beasts such as lions, tigers and black bears in the Colosseum. Carlos is a standard large bulldog, with an adult male shoulder height of 62-70 cm, a body length of about 100 cm, and a weight between 36-63 kg. The short tail is one of the characteristics of this bulldog. I don’t know if the tail of their ancestors was cut off under certain circumstances, and then the descendants inherited this gene, but I have to say that this makes the whole dog look good. Get tougher. Their second feature is that their heads are huge and square, with a very hard head frame, which allows them to not only release a very huge bite force when fighting, but also withstand bite marks and impacts from the enemy. Although this dog comes in other colors, black is their standard and one of the most popular. This dog is very aggressive, has a very ferocious temperament, and has the characteristics of being fearless. They not only have the explosive power of mastiffs, but also have more stamina than ordinary mastiffs. Once the battle begins, it will be endless and bloody. Therefore, they are listed as one of the top ten banned dogs in the world, and there are laws expressly stipulated that they cannot be kept in many countries. And in many dogfights, pit bulls and cango dogs dare not make their hard anus.

3. The ultimate battle

After the above analysis, it is time to fight! Tibetan Mastiff vs Carlos, who is stronger? Adult male Carlos has a shoulder blade height of 62 - 71 cm and a weight between 45 - 63 kg. They are large and have a lot of muscle, which makes them look very strong and intimidating. The Tibetan Mastiff is characterized by its lion-like mane and huge body. An adult male Tibetan Mastiff has a shoulder blade height of 66 – 72 cm and a weight of 45 – 72 kg. They are large, stocky and athletic, with thick, long double hair and a very bushy tail. Therefore, in terms of body size, the Tibetan Mastiff has some advantages, but it is not very large. From the outside, both have the advantage of shocking the enemy because they are very scary in appearance. Of course, they don't just have a scary appearance, they are also very fierce in temperament, and they will attack strangers and other dogs unceremoniously. Therefore, in this regard, both have a fight, and no one has the advantage. In terms of bite force, Carlos can release up to 700 pounds of force per bite; also as a mastiff, although there is no exact data for Tibetan mastiffs, it is certainly not much different than Carlos. Considering that the size of the two are very similar, the director guessed that the bite force of the Tibetan Mastiff is also around 700psi. So in this regard, there is still no winner or loser. In terms of athletic ability, because Tibetan mastiffs need more fur and fat to deal with the cold plateau climate, their bodies are not very strong, and this determines their athletic ability is not very good. Although the muscle density is not very high, the bones of Tibetan mastiffs are extremely strong. They often chase snow leopards on rock walls, even if they fall under a 100-meter-high cliff. The Carlos, on the other hand, have shorter fur and sweat more easily, while they are denser and more athletic. According to the distance measurement, the fastest speed of the Tibetan Mastiff is 43km/h, while the fastest speed of Carlos is 48km/h. So, one body type is dominant, one athletic ability is dominant, who is stronger? Here, the director is more inclined to the Tibetan Mastiff. Tibetan Mastiffs are larger, which ensures that they are stronger. Because in the face of absolute power, all skills are just selling the first! At the same time, Tibetan Mastiffs are accustomed to the hypoxic exercise on the plateau, which is an advantage for them no matter where the fighting location is. This is like the long-distance runners in the East African plateau. When they walk down the plateau to run a marathon, no one is their opponent, because they are used to the exercise of hypoxia. Once the oxygen is sufficient, they can release their energy and stamina. . Therefore, the final director came to the conclusion that the Tibetan Mastiff will have a 58% chance of defeating Carlos. Do you agree with the Secretary's analysis and conclusions? Welcome to express your opinion in the comment area.


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