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There was an abnormal noise in the car, and the repairman was stunned after removing the bumper: What about a ride?

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There was an abnormal noise in the car, and the repairman was stunned after removing the bumper: What about a ride?

It is not uncommon for snakes and cats to get into the hood of a car, but can you believe it? Pigs can even hide in the hood. This eldest brother encountered such a strange thing. Inexplicably, there was a "Second Senior Brother" in his car. The story of the abnormal noise from the car happened in Yichang, Hubei. When the eldest brother drove the car two days ago, he found that there was an "abnormal noise" from the bumper. At that time, he stopped and took a look, and found nothing wrong. But then the abnormal noise didn't stop. He drove the car to a nearby car repair center and asked the repairman to help him to see what was going on. He said that his car had been making noises. The master observed it and found no abnormality on the surface of the car, so he said to take a look at the bumper. After dismantling the bumper, a "Second Senior Brother" was lying inside. After the skilled master dismantled the bumper of the car, he opened it and was stunned by the scene in the car. It turns out that there really is something in the car of the big brother, and he is still very big! Inside was a pig, and it was still alive: a hitchhiker? At that time, everyone was speechless, and they all wondered, how did such a big pig get in? According to the observation of the master who repaired the car, the gap on the side of the bumper is only a few centimeters. It is difficult for a dog to get in, let alone a pig, which is even more difficult. So I asked the owner of the car if he had any clues, and if he knew how the pig got in. The owner of the car was not too embarrassed. He looked confused and said that he might have crashed into it. Damn, maybe only the second senior brother himself knows what's going on. The pig was also given to a nearby farmer to raise. The current pig of unknown origin has been given to a nearby farmer for adoption by the owner, but the discussion about how the pig got in has not ended. Netizens also have infinite reverie about this matter. Some people say that pigs have been in it since they were young, so they can grow to such a large size. They say that pigs have lived in it for several years. Some people also quoted a star's stalk: the pig hit the tree, you hit the pig, and rear-end. Others are curious about which car this is, and the quality is so good, and they want to buy one too. Damn, veterinarian Xiao Ming can only say that the world is big and full of surprises. Now there are some "weird things" on the Internet every now and then, so that we are no longer surprised. Message: The weather is about to turn cold, let's pay more attention to the stray cats that will drill into the hood of the car. When the weather is cold, stray cats will stare at private cars, set up camps in various places of the car, and maybe give birth to some cubs. Therefore, netizens should pay more attention when driving, check before driving, and sound the horn to warn if they are uneasy. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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