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The woman shaved the dog because of a skin disease. When she saw Wang again, she felt a little distressed: Is this autism?

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The woman shaved the dog because of a skin disease. When she saw Wang again, she felt a little distressed: Is this autism?

Does shaving dogs have a big psychological impact on them? That's really not good. After some dogs are shaved, they look like a normal dog, which has no effect, but some dogs can't do it anymore, and just "slack", such as the golden retriever in the following story. It was found that the golden retriever had a skin disease, and he shaved his hair. The story happened in Heilongjiang Province. The woman has a golden retriever, called "Zhou Damao", whose silky hair makes it look graceful and handsome. After giving the golden retriever a bath that day, when blowing the hair, I found that there were several skin diseases on the golden retriever's back. At that time, when I thought that the best way to treat skin diseases is to take a medicated bath, the woman brought the faders without hesitation and "opened the back" for the golden retriever. It didn't take long for its back to be bald. Golden Retriever felt that the hair on his body was gone, and his back was cold, so he was very angry, and kept roaring to express his dissatisfaction. Seeing this, the woman hurriedly comforted it: "It's so beautiful, even without hair, it will grow out after a while!" And she also brought the golden retriever's favorite jerky to coax it. That is to say, a dog is just a child's IQ. After eating jerky, he forgot about his baldness. The autistic woman thought it was over after looking in the mirror. What she didn't expect was that when she saw the golden retriever again, when she accidentally looked in the mirror, the "shaving incident" escalated again: autistic ? Somehow, it ran to the floor-to-ceiling mirror in the room and looked in the mirror, but the more it looked, the more angry it became. At first, it looked at itself in the mirror stupidly, with a sad face, and licked its mouth from time to time, sighing helpless. But then the more it looked, the more wrong it became, and its tail wagged unhappily. Until the end, it roared frantically at the mirror: "Who is in the mirror!" The guilty and distressed woman felt a little guilty and distressed after seeing this scene. It seems that the dog really cares about its appearance, otherwise Not so angry anymore. But it doesn't matter, after about a month of hard work, the skin disease on its back was cured, and the hair returned to its previous appearance. After watching the video of the woman, many netizens said that they had experienced similar things. It is too scary to say that after shaving his dog, he came to his bedside and stared at him in the middle of the night. Hahahaha, in fact, dogs also have their own emotions. Their proud coats are gone, so don't worry about their owners. Just coax them more. Message: Except when necessary, such as when the dog is infected with a skin disease, veterinarian Xiao Ming does not recommend that the shovel officers shave the pet's hair. Hair is the protective umbrella for a dog's skin, and it is also the dog's face. If all shaved, it will also have a certain impact on their mental health. If you have to shave, just trim it properly. All in all, the emotions of pets are also very important. While owners pay attention to the physical health of pets, their mental health is not easy to ignore, so as to ensure the healthy growth of pets. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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