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The big bag born on the cat's forehead actually saved his life, the veterinarian sighed: This is a miracle

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The big bag born on the cat's forehead actually saved his life, the veterinarian sighed: This is a miracle

Lao Tzu once said: When misfortune comes, blessings depend; blessings, disasters lie. When things are not finalized, no one knows whether fate will surprise or frighten us next. More than three months ago, a cat in a shit shoveling officer's house gave birth to 6 cubs, all of them lively and cute. What is puzzling is that the youngest child named Yuk York had a swollen lump on his forehead since birth. At first, the shit shoveling officer thought that the balloon-like swelling was formed by inflammation after being scratched by other kittens. He thought that the situation was not serious, so he didn't care too much. But a few days passed, and the bag on Yuk York's forehead showed no signs of disappearing at all, and even started to grow hair like the skin on the rest of the body. The confused shit shoveling officer sent the kitten to the hospital, but because its size and age were too young, the doctors didn't see the reason for it for a while, so they had to let it grow naturally first to see if it would appear more obvious in the future. symptom. In this way, a big bag on Yuk York's head grew slowly. Most of the time, the shoveler separates it from the other siblings, making a separate space for it to drink the mother cat's milk. Since this birth is considered premature, the shovel officer is actually very worried about the status of the female cat. To his gratification, the mother cat was very responsible and caring, and took good care of the kittens. In a blink of an eye, three months have passed, and the kittens have gradually grown up. In addition to the big bag on his head, Yuk York can also run and jump, and he looks no different from other healthy cats. Although Yuk York's actions were normal, the shit shovel officer couldn't let go of the swollen bag, because as time passed, the bag grew slowly and began to press the cat's eyes a little. The shit shovel officer thought that the situation could not be delayed any longer, so he sent Yuk York to another large hospital for a detailed examination. The result surprised him: the skull under the swollen bag was actually cracked! It turned out that the cat suffered from foramenopathy, a disease in which a cavity forms in the brain. A diseased brain can build up of fluid and put enormous pressure on the brain. If the skull is closed, the consequences can be serious. Coincidentally, the cat's skull is naturally open, and the stagnant water flows out of the bone sutures and eventually drains into the bag on the forehead: this is why the swollen bag becomes larger. Even the veterinarian couldn't help but sigh: It's a miracle that he survived! Although the cat can live a normal life now, it is only over three months old and is still at risk of developing an imbalance or seizures in the future. This is a very rare case. Since there is no relevant case study as a reference yet, the doctors held a meeting to discuss and compare human cases and decided that since the swelling can reduce brain pressure, the side effects after surgical removal will be great, so it is best to wait until there is a problem before surgery. In order to make Yuk York live a better life, the shit shovel officer's family packed up a safer room for it, and celebrated the cats' 100th birthday with canned meat and candles. I hope that the poor kitten can survive the difficulties without any danger in the future and live a long and long life. The kitten in the story has such a serious disease, and the shit shoveling officer can do it without abandoning it. Compared with some so-called pet owners in life who just abandoned it, people can't help feeling ashamed for them. Pets don't live long, and it's even harder to meet a good owner. The veterinarian Xiaoming hopes that all fur babies can spend their short lives happily and healthily. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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