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It turns out that the dog "nibbles" me, has 7 meanings, how many do you know?

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It turns out that the dog "nibbles" me, has 7 meanings, how many do you know?

In the process of raising a dog, I believe that I have been "bited" by my own dog, but the bite force is very light, what does it seem to indicate? Today, the editor will reveal to you what it means when a dog "nibs" you! See how many you know! A. "Master, check the post online" Many times, when the master comes home from work, the dog will enthusiastically rush towards him, lick you, and nibble you, not only because he has not seen his master excited for too long, but also because It means "checking". And the dog licks you and bites you to know what you are doing today, so if the owner carries the dog to rub other dogs, the dog will notice it, and then ignore you arrogantly. Snacks can be coaxed! B. "Master, please warn you, don't touch me" When the owner does something that the dog doesn't like, such as touching the dog's head too hard, the dog will feel very uncomfortable and will bark at the owner for two If the owner still comes to touch, the dog will choose to "nibble" to warn the owner! So when the owner sees that the dog is impatient, he can tempt it with snacks. Which puppy can refuse the temptation of snacks, and the puppy will come over! C. "Master, are you stealing the food behind my back?" The dog's sense of smell is very developed, and he can smell the smell of food from a distance. If the owner is full of barbecue smell, the dog is sensitive If your nose is the first to smell it, it will run in front of you to sniff around, and even "nib" you to see if there is any food in your hands. If you spread your hands out to mean no, the dog will be very angry because you stole it with your back! D. "Master, give you my exclusive label." Dogs are actually very possessive. After all, who doesn't want to be favored by a person, and dogs are no exception! So the dog nibbles you in order to leave a scent on you and put it on the dog's exclusive label. In this way, after the owner goes out, other dogs can smell the owner's scent, and they will be afraid to approach. E. "Master, play with me." Dogs like to play very much, and they like their owners to accompany them. If the owner ignores the dog for a long time, the dog will be very bored and unhappy, and will try to find a solution. Grab the owner's attention, of which nibbling is one way. F. "Master, the teeth are a little itchy." When the dog is 3 months old, it will go through the period of changing teeth. At this time, its teeth will be a little itchy and uncomfortable, and it will try to relieve the discomfort by chewing on something. You will find that furniture large and small in the home will experience damage, and sometimes your hands will be used by dogs to grind their teeth. If you want the dog not to use his hands to grind his teeth, the owner has to buy some teething snacks and toys. When buying teething snacks, remember to choose moderately soft and hard teeth! Don't give the dog hard treats as soon as they come up, it's easy to hurt the dog's teeth! G. "Master, I'm hungry." Some owners forget to put food for the dog when they are so busy. At this time, the dog is very hungry and will go to the owner. First, he barks at the owner twice, and the owner does not If he understands, he will nibble his master to signal that he is hungry! When owners raise dogs, they must remember to feed them regularly and quantitatively, because dogs starve for a long time, which is not good for their digestive system. When choosing a staple dog food, choose a dog food that is easy to digest and absorb, which can have It is beneficial to the formation of a good digestive system in dogs. Conclusion: How many of the above do you know? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area~

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