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Shiba Inu "admits his mistake" and only smiles? Then you are wrong

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Shiba Inu "admits his mistake" and only smiles? Then you are wrong

Shiba Inu, often with a smiling face, makes people happy. When making a mistake, he will also smile at the owner Mimi, hoping that the owner can uphold the principle of "stretch out your hand and not hit the smiling dog" and let the owner forgive it. But if you think it's the only way to admit it's wrong, then you're wrong! It also has many tricks below.

Trick 1: Airplane ears appear

Like Mimi's smile, airplane ears are also Shiba's "big trick". If the plane ears appear after it makes a mistake, it means that it is cowardly and admits its mistake consciously, which means that it will be obedient and obedient.

Trick 2: Flickering Eyes, Avoiding

As we all know, once a dog dares not look at you, it is likely to do something bad , and the Shiba Inu too. When it knows that it has made a mistake, it will be very guilty, and will secretly observe the owner, but once the owner finds it, it will immediately dodge its eyes and act very scared.

Trick 3: Take the initiative to enter the "prison"

After the Shiba Inu makes a mistake, he will take the initiative to return to the den or cage, indicating that he knows the mistake Now, go back and reflect immediately, I don't want to make you angry again outside.

Trick 4: Hold the owner's thigh

After the Shiba Inu made a mistake, knowing that the owner was angry, he would hug the owner's thigh. Coquettishly admitting mistakes to the owner, some Shiba Inu will even bite the owner's trousers to ask for forgiveness.

Trick 5: Paws at you

If the owner is angry and ignores it, it will also paw at the owner, trying to pass In such a coquettish way, tell the owner that it is indeed wrong, and it will change.

Trick 6: Do your best to please you

Some smart Shiba Inu will think of using the things around him to please the owner, and will take the initiative He took his toy and coaxed the owner, hoping that the owner would not get angry with it again.

Trick 7: whimper softly

When being trained by the owner, the Shiba Inu can also perceive the seriousness of the matter, it will In order to avoid being beaten, he quickly admitted his mistake, put on a pair of aggrieved and pitiful swallows, and even whimpered softly, so that the pet owner could not bear to punish him again.

Trick 8: Yawning all the time

Many pet owners mistakenly believe that Shiba Inu yawning is a sign of inattentiveness when being taught a lesson. But in fact, yawning is one of its manifestations of admitting its mistakes. When it is afraid and nervous, it will be relieved by yawning, and the more afraid it is, the more yawning it will be. In fact, seeing the dog subconsciously admits the wrong action, the owner can relax, stop being so angry, and can teach it well and train it. When training, you can mix some snacks to make it more obedient and reduce the number of mistakes. In fact, Shiba Inu is so lively and interesting, in the process of growing up, it is inevitable to make mistakes. The pet owner should be more tolerant and educated. But in addition to educating it, you should also pay more attention to its health. In terms of diet, you must eat well in order to grow healthily and accompany the owner for a longer time. Therefore, pets should choose dog food carefully. It is best to choose a high-quality dog ​​food with high nutritional value to meet the needs of the dog's body. Conclusion: How did your Shiba Inu apologize to you?

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