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The Queen's funeral has been in preparation for 60 years

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The Queen's funeral has been in preparation for 60 years

Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey at 11:00 UK time on September 19. The Queen has participated in rehearsals for her own funeral several times. Inside Westminster Abbey, London, as the coronation of generations of British kings and queens Local, this medieval building embodies the fusion of glory and royal authority. Photography: JIM RICHARDSON Author: Yin Hao Compilation: Red Queen Morning Fish Warm reminder: It takes about 8 minutes to read this article. The funeral plan has been put on record. As early as the 1960s, the confidential document about the Queen's funeral "London Bridge Operation" has been Plans have been raised that include how announcements will be made following the Queen's death, official mourning procedures and details of state funerals. According to the plan, the phrase "London Bridge is down" will be used to convey the news of the Queen's death to the British Prime Minister and key personnel, thus triggering the entire London Bridge operation. At the moment of the Queen's death, the plans for the ceremony and funeral came true before the eyes of the people. The coffin, stored at Balmoral Castle, the Queen's private residence, was transported to Edinburgh on September 11, arriving at Holyrood Palace. A procession was held in the forecourt of Holyrood Palace. The new King Charles III and members of the royal family attended the ceremony. The Queen's coffin was then placed in St Giles Cathedral for the people of Scotland to come to mourn and pay tribute. Outside Buckingham Palace, London. On the day of the Queen's death, people gathered here and the Union Jack was flown at half-staff in mourning. Photo: SAMIR HUSSEIN On the afternoon of September 13, a Royal Air Force plane carrying the coffin set off and arrived at the Royal Air Force Northolt base that night. The coffin was then transported to Buckingham Palace in London, where it was received by an honor guard composed of the King's Guard. On the afternoon of September 14, the coffin will be transferred from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Palace, where it will stay for four days until the state funeral on the 19th. Big Ben, London Photo: VAIBHAV DUBEY The coffin is scheduled to leave Buckingham Palace at 14:22. The king and members of the royal family will walk behind the coffin throughout the 38-minute journey to mourn. People who come to participate in the mourning will be able to watch the escort march through central London. As planned, guns will be fired in Hyde Park and Big Ben will ring at this moment. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Photo: TIM GRAHAM At 15:00, the coffin arrives in Westminster Hall, and soldiers serving the royal family are in charge of guarding it 24 hours a day. The Queen and Prince Philip were married here in 1947. In 1953, the Queen's own coronation took place here. Today, Queen Elizabeth II accepts the public's condolences here. From 17:00, the public can come here to pay tribute to the Queen and express their condolences. Westminster Hall will remain open until 6.30am on the day of the state funeral. At 20:00 on September 18, the All England will hold a one-minute silence. London, Westminster Bridge and the misty haze Photo: VALERIOS THEOFANIDIS Members of the public can observe a minute's silence for the Queen in their own homes or at community vigils. On Monday, September 19, the day of the state funeral, the coffin will be transported from the Palace of Westminster to Westminster Abbey, where the state funeral will take place. The Queen's family, senior British politicians and heads of state from around the world will gather here to mourn her passing. Windsor Castle is the family castle of the British King Windsor Dynasty and the largest inhabited castle in the world today. Source: After the state funeral, the coffin was brought by the procession to Wellington Arch. From Wellington Arch, the coffin will be transported to Windsor Castle. A procession carrying the coffin of King George VI. King George VI reigned from 1936 until his death in February 1952. Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral will be the first for a British monarch in more than 70 years. PHOTO: HULTON-DEUTSCH COLLECTION This is the Queen's childhood home and the final stop on this long journey. In the King George VI Memorial Chapel inside St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, Queen Elizabeth II is buried forever.


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