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As the world's strongest storm swept home - a selection of National Geographic disaster photos

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As the world's strongest storm swept home - a selection of National Geographic disaster photos

Compilation: Red Queen Tips: It takes about 8 minutes to read this article. The storm surge brought by Typhoon Haiyan razed the entire city of the Philippines to the ground. Source: orDFID - UK Department for International Development / How powerful is the CC-BY-2.0 typhoon? According to estimates by the US Center for Atmospheric Research, a tropical cyclone can release 200 times more energy in a day than all human generators combined. Of all the typhoons and hurricanes measured in history, the strongest was the 1979 typhoon "Taipei" with a wind speed of about 85 m/s. This speed is equivalent to high-speed rail. If that doesn't give you a concrete impression, in 2013 in the Philippines, Typhoon Haiyan (strength close to Taipei) pushed a 198-ton boulder and rolled 150 feet (about 45 meters). This is the largest natural object that the wind has moved. Typhoon "Haiyan" appeared in 2013. Affects the Philippines, Vietnam, China and other countries. The second strongest known tropical cyclone in the Northwest Pacific. It landed in the Philippines in a near-peak state, setting off huge waves as high as 6 meters, razing many areas to the ground, killing more than 6,000 people and displacing more than one million people. Tacloban, 2013, after the passage of Typhoon Haiyan. Photo: Trocaire, wikimedia, cc-by-2.0 Citizens taking refuge in Tacloban because of "Haiyan". Source: picryl, public domain The Philippine Navy guards the village of Guiuan that was destroyed by "Haiyan". Source: picryl, public domain Typhoon "Mangosteen" appeared in 2018, affecting Guam, the Philippines, China and other regions and countries. The maximum wind speed is about 72 m/s. 68 people died in the Philippines, 4 people died in Guangdong, China, and more than 20,000 mu of farmland were flooded. Typhoon Mangkhut made landfall in 2018, and it rained heavily in the Philippines. PHOTO: BULLIT MARQUEZ, AP People displaced by Typhoon Mangkhut in the Philippines. PHOTO: BULLIT MARQUEZ, AP PHILIPPINES, 'Mangosteen' brings torrential rain, risking landslides, forcing residents to evacuate. PHOTO: JAYJAY LANDINGIN, AP China In Hong Kong, "Mangosteen" blew down at least 60,000 trees. Source: Anthony Ivanoff, wikimedia, CC-0 Hurricane Florence appeared in 2018 and made landfall in the United States. It was only a Category 1 hurricane (wind speed 32-42 m/s) when it made landfall, but a tropical cyclone is not just wind, but a mixture of wind, clouds and thunderstorms, which brought a lot of precipitation and caused floods that cost $24.2 billion Economic losses. The storm surge from Hurricane Florence slammed into the house, leaving it devastated. PHOTO: CHIP SOMODEVILLA, GETTY IMAGES CAROLINA, A storm surge from Hurricane Florence throws boats out of port. PHOTO: EDUARDO MUNOZ, REUTERS Children swim in the torrential floods brought by "Florence". PHOTO: GREG KAHN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Trees blown down by "Florence". PHOTO: CHIP SOMODEVILLA, GETTY IMAGES Hurricane Ida appears in 2021. Land in the US. The maximum wind speed is about 67 m/s, making it a Category 4 hurricane. $75.25 billion in damage and over 100 deaths. The port of Fourchon, after being ravaged by Hurricane Ida. Photo by Ben Depp New Orleans, where homes are flooded by heavy rain and tides brought by "Ida." Photography: Ben Depp is in this kind of wind, so don't take pictures. In 2021, Hurricane Ida makes landfall in the United States. PHOTO: GERALD HERBERT, AP PHOTO When "Ada" made landfall, the building was overturned by the force of the storm right in front of the eyes. PHOTO: SCOTT OLSON, GETTY IMAGES


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