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A "hairy dog" appeared in Qingpu, Shanghai, with long beards on his face, a fat body, and courage

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A "hairy dog" appeared in Qingpu, Shanghai, with long beards on his face, a fat body, and courage

After the ecological environment has gradually improved, the number of wild animals has also increased, and accordingly, the probability of being sighted by people will also increase. As long as we pay attention to the news in various places, we will find that similar events happen every day across the country. A citizen of Qingpu District, Shanghai found a raccoon dog in the grass by the roadside, also known as "hair dog". At that time, the villagers found that there seemed to be movement in the grass, so they went in to check it, and saw a fox-sized animal with brown hair on its body, curling up and hiding inside, and seeing someone coming and looking horrified. From the outside, this animal looks like a dog, but it is obviously different from a domestic dog. Realizing that this may be a protected animal, the public quickly contacted the relevant departments. After the staff arrived, they saw a wild animal hiding in the grass by the roadside. It looks weaker and moves more slowly, guessing that it should be foraging here. After a simple inspection and rescue, the animal was sent to the local wildlife rescue station for a comprehensive inspection and treatment. After expert identification, this is a raccoon dog. The raccoon dog in the idiom "one hill of raccoon dog" is this kind of animal, and it belongs to the second-class national protected animal. After treatment, its body gradually recovered, and after it had the ability to survive in the wild, it was released into the wild.

The raccoon dog is a small-to-medium-sized canine with a long, bearded face, a stout body, and a small raccoon-like face.

Males then averaged 6.5kg and females were slightly smaller. The raccoon dog has a more distinctive appearance. The hair on its body is mainly brown-gray, and the tip of the hair is black, so it looks more mixed in color. They are stocky and stocky, with stubby limbs, and they are not as fast as the average canine. The biggest feature of the raccoon's appearance is its face, with fluffy and long hair on the cheeks, which looks like beard hair. There are dark spots around the eyes, like a pirate's mask, because the little raccoon also has these two characteristics, so many people will confuse the raccoon with the little raccoon. In fact, the way to distinguish the two is simple, just look at the tail. The small raccoon has a thicker tail and has a ring pattern, while the raccoon does not have this feature. The raccoon dog was originally a species in East Asia, but now it has spread to most areas, and there are even traces of them in the forests of Europe. This is a very mysterious animal, especially in Japan, the protagonist of many animations. For example, the civet cat with the ability to transform in "Variety Tanuki", many people think that its prototype is a small raccoon, but it is actually this kind of raccoon. They mainly live in plains, hills, mountains, and forests. They have strong adaptability to the environment and can survive in a variety of terrain environments. Relatively speaking, people have learned more and more about raccoons in recent years, because they have been found in many places. For example, in the Qujiang Shaxi Reserve in Shaoguan, Guangdong, the moving images of raccoons were also photographed.

Can swim, climb trees, and come out for food at night

As a canine, the raccoon dog is different from other canines in appearance. Some of its behaviors are also different from our common canines. Some experts believe they are a very ancient canid, a species that resembles the ancestors of the canine family. For example, most typical canine species such as gray wolves, foxes, and dogs cannot climb trees, but raccoons are very good at them. They can even climb trees to dig out bird eggs and catch birds that rest at night. Raccoons are also very good at swimming and can fish in the water. In their diet, small animals such as fish, shrimps, crabs, frogs, and amphibians account for a large proportion. Raccoon dogs are nocturnal. They usually hide in tree holes, rock holes or earth caves to rest during the day, and come out to forage in the evening, and even stay active until the early morning before returning to the cave. Raccoon dogs are omnivorous, and they have a wide range of diets. In addition to carnivorous foods such as birds, small mammals, and insects, they also eat plant foods such as fruits, fungi, roots, and grains. They are very dependent on burrows, especially during the breeding season, and need burrows to give birth. Since raccoon dogs are not very good at digging holes, and natural caves are hard to come by, they will pick up abandoned caves left by other animals for use on weekdays, and will also directly snatch the caves of other animals.

Tame and timid, relatively not afraid of people

Compared with ordinary predators, raccoon dogs are more docile in temperament and less afraid of humans. This is directly related to their survival. Generally speaking, human cities are like "forbidden places" for wild animals, and they cannot survive in them. But in the long process of getting along, some animals gradually adapted to the human city and settled down in the city. The raccoon dog is a typical representative of this small number of animals. The raccoon dog in some places walked down the mountains and forests, broke into the city, and got used to it. For example, in Shanghai, according to the survey data of the research team of Fudan University, the number of raccoons in Shanghai has exceeded 5,000, and more than 150 communities have confirmed the distribution of raccoons. They show up on the streets, know where to look for food, and where to nest to breed. The reason why the raccoon can integrate into the city is related to their own character. They are cute in appearance, docile in temperament and not afraid of people. Many people treat them as stray dogs and feed them, and the raccoon dogs are also bold and dare to go up to beg for food. In addition to rummaging through trash cans and fighting for food with stray cats and dogs, mice in the city and fish in landscape ponds are also food for raccoons. For example, in Songjiang Community, people have seen raccoons preying on crucian carp in landscape ponds more than once. Of course, the most important thing is that raccoons have evolved the ability to digest starch during the long evolution of species, which makes them stand out at once and gain a huge survival advantage. After all, in the city, the most are all kinds of starch. food residue. Although the raccoon dog is relatively tame, it is also a beast after all, and it is dangerous to humans. Especially when they are injured or break into an unfamiliar environment, they will be highly nervous. Once stimulated, they will have a stress response and become aggressive. Therefore, when we see raccoon dogs or other animals, it is best not to feed them. If we need help, we should not deal with them rashly, but report them to the relevant departments and ask for professional help. The best protection for ordinary people to wild animals is to not disturb or harm them. Follow me and make a friend who understands animals.


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