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A brown horse chicken was found in Jincheng, Shanxi. The beard fell backwards.

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A brown horse chicken was found in Jincheng, Shanxi. The beard fell backwards.

The Manghe Nature Reserve, located in Yangcheng County, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province, has verdant mountains, ridges and peaks, and a forest coverage rate of over 92%. The climate in the reserve is mild, warm in winter and cool in summer, which is very suitable for the growth of various wild animals and plants. Recently, when the staff of the monitoring station of the reserve was checking the infrared data monitoring data erected in the wild, they retrieved a large number of precious images of wild animal activities in the wild, including black storks, brown horse chickens, leopards, yellow leopards, etc. Throat mink and so on. One of the pictures shows that on a half-hillside, a majestic bird with the appearance of a rooster appeared in front of the camera. It has a strong physique, thick legs, vigorous steps, and walks in front of the camera with its head held high, and the gorgeous feathers raised high on its tail are very conspicuous. According to experts, the scientific name of this big bird is the brown horse chicken. It is a unique bird in my country. The brown horse chicken is one of the most valuable species of horse chicken. It used to be widely distributed in my country, but due to historical changes, it has now become an endangered animal and belongs to the national first-class protected animal.

The beard falls back, the shape is diagonal, and the tail feathers are upturned. It is a resident bird.

The shape of the brown horse chicken is like a Roosters, but their body size is far less than that of roosters, and their weight in adulthood is mostly 1.4-2.5 kg. They are beautiful, with a dark brown body, dark brown neck and head, and downy feathers on the top of their heads. The feathers around the eyes are red on both sides of the head, and the ear feathers are white, and they extend backward and protrude above the head and neck. It looks like a pair of white horns, and it looks like a backward beard. The biggest feature of the brown horse chicken. Their tails are very beautiful, with tall, diverging tail feathers that are white but end black like a ponytail. As we all know, pheasants are not very good at flying, and the brown horse chicken is the same. Its wings are relatively short, but its body is strong, so it cannot fly freely in the sky like other birds, but can only glide a short distance or like a chicken. The same flutter a short distance. Fortunately, the brown horse chicken has thick legs, is good at running, and has strong mobility. According to data, brown horse chickens were widely distributed in my country in history. They are very ancient species. However, due to factors such as overhunting and habitat destruction, brown horse chickens have become very rare now, and their habitats are not as good as before. , which only exists in a small area such as central and northern China. They are not good at flying and cannot do long-distance migration, and are naturally a resident bird.

Move in flocks, run on the ground during the day and sleep in the trees at night

The brown horse chicken is a typical mountain forest-dwelling bird , mainly inhabits forests dominated by spruce trees, larch, etc., but also has higher requirements for the density of ground vegetation. After all, this is a kind of bird that is not good at flying, like the yellow-bellied pheasant. Need more cover to hide yourself. Brown horse chickens like to live in groups, usually in groups, sometimes reaching a size of more than 30 chickens. Especially in winter, larger groups are formed. They are mainly active on the ground during the day, foraging for most of the day, and only play on some sandy ground when they rest at noon. They roll on the sand, a behavior also known as "sand bathing". The diet of brown horse chickens is relatively mixed, but most of them are plant foods, such as plant leaves, buds, flower buds, fruits, seeds, etc., and also eat a small amount of animal food, such as various insects. Their claws are very sharp, and like chicken claws, they can dig soil on the ground to find food. In the early morning and evening, the brown horse chicken is most active. They are mainly on the ground during the day, but at night they will run to trees to rest, in order to avoid most predators on the ground. On the branches, when danger comes, it can quickly jump and glide to escape.

Impressed by nature, good at running, aggressive, and unending

Many people know that the big roosters in the countryside are relatively fierce, and many grow up in the countryside. Big friends are more or less pecked by them. But you know what? Brown horse chickens are also very fierce, even compared to big roosters. Brown horse chickens are irascible, brave and good at fighting, especially when they are in estrus, males often fight each other for mates. They are brave and fierce, and the battle between the same kind is almost endless, and one side is beaten to death. The Qing Dynasty book "Shuowen Jie Zi Zhu" has a description of this side of the brown horse chicken: "The 'hehe' is a brave pheasant. When it is fighting, it will stop once it dies." During the estrus period, in addition to fighting, the male In order to show its majesty, the bird often chirps. Its chirping is loud and loud, and can be heard from two kilometers away. When croaking, the male bird will also stretch its neck and raise its head, and its tail feathers are raised high, just like a rooster, which is very beautiful. It is said that the tiger will occupy the mountain as the king, and a mountain can only accommodate one tiger. The same is true of the brown horse chickens. They are very territorial. Often a pair of brown horse chickens occupy a hillside. If there is a similar invasion, the male birds will try their best to drive them away. They are adept at running and move quickly, often driving away intruders in a short amount of time. The life of brown horse chickens is very regular. They usually mate in March, build nests and lay eggs in April, start hatching chicks in May, hatchlings in June, and bring them in July. When the baby goes out, the young bird can forage independently in August, and the young bird basically grows up in September. The brown horse chicken's activity place and habitat are relatively fixed. Almost every day, they go down the tree for food along a fixed route and go back to the tree to sleep. When it encounters danger, it will run up the mountain. After running to a high place, it will flutter its wings and fly away. It is a very interesting bird. Follow me and make a friend who understands animals. #headline creation challenge#


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