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Will overindulging pets lead to serious consequences?

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Will overindulging pets lead to serious consequences?

There is definitely something wrong with overindulging and tolerating bad pet habits and can lead to pets attacking their owners. In the end, the owner even had to abandon the pet, or even euthanize it, which really harmed the pet! 1. The harm of over-indulging pets But it would be wrong to acquiesce to any behavior of cats, including many bad habits. 2. How does over-indulgence make pets grumpy, especially pet food and self-care supplies, the owner will not let them touch, some pet owners think it is nothing, it is originally a pet. But pets will not be satisfied with this, they will start to care for more things that they think are their toys. The most terrifying thing is the territory. They think that the resting place they have played, and even the entire home is their territory. The owner who enters the territory starts to roar or even attack. If you still indulge the pet at this time, the pet will think that you acquiesce that this is his territory and his leader. If you appear unsatisfied with the pet, it will roar or even attack you with punishment. 2. How to correctly face the bad habits of pets There are more or less small problems with pets, especially some natural habits during the growth of young pets are not very good. Especially protecting food and being competitive. , Female pets are slightly better, and male pets are obvious in this regard. When they live in groups, they fight each other, and gradually form a leader during the fight, and other pets must obey the leader, otherwise they will be attacked. At this time, if the pet behaves aggressively, the owner may be regarded as a sign of surrender and surrender if the owner has endured the pet's attack. Many pet owners want to make friends with their pets and treat each other as equals, but in the law of pets, they can be friends, but there is no such thing as equality. 2. Keeping pets is enough to educate children. I have said many times that raising pets is very similar to educating children. That is, when a child is a child, he develops or learns some bad habits from other children. At this time, as a parent, we must strictly discipline and let the child get rid of these bad habits. The same is true for pets. If pets growl or even attack their owners, they should be resolutely stopped and countered. It doesn't mean that the pet bites you, you have to bite the pet. In fact, use a strong hand to stop the pet's attack and let the pet know that your power is stronger than his. This way the pet knows that you are much stronger than him, and that according to the pet's natural laws, you are the king, and he will surrender to you. You'll find it easier to train your pets later, even proud cats, as all pets live in groups. Of course, it doesn't work all the time. As young pets grow into young adults, they will always think that they can challenge their owners. Therefore, challenging the owner often happens. When faced with the challenge of a pet, it is enough to overwhelm the pet like a joke. Generally, when you reach adulthood, there are fewer challenges. After all, every time you fail, you lose the confidence to challenge. Keeping pets is like raising children. If pets have bad habits, they must be corrected in time. Pets challenge the owner, and even attack the owner must be stopped and punished immediately. If the owner is patient, it will make the pet worse and cause more trouble.

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