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A man in Inner Mongolia kicked a little hare's butt, intending to drive it away, but let the rabbit frantically chase and bite

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A man in Inner Mongolia kicked a little hare's butt, intending to drive it away, but let the rabbit frantically chase and bite

#HeaderCreationChallenge# In the food chain, rabbits are one of the most favorite prey of carnivorous beasts. Hares have almost no fighting power. Generally, they avoid predators by running fast, hiding, etc., but through "rabbits bite people when they are in a hurry" Allusions such as "rabbit kicking eagle" also know that little rabbits also have a certain ability to fight back. Recently, in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, a man came across a little hare left alone, with a pair of big ears and fluffy hair, very cute. The most surprising thing is that this little hare did not run away when he met anyone, and was caught by a man. Easily hold the rabbit's big ears and watch it. This little hare may be too young to fight back and run away. When it was put back on the ground, it stayed where it was. The man had no choice but to kick the little rabbit's butt lightly with his foot. Unexpectedly, The little hare didn't run forward, but turned the gun's head and ran directly to the man's feet, constantly scratching with its claws and biting with rabbit teeth, as if to avenge that kick. After entangled with each other for a while, this little hare was too grumpy and had no intention of retreating. The man intended to drive it away with good intentions, but was misunderstood by the rabbit and was chased and bit by the little rabbit frantically. It looked like a rabbit. She is cute and soft, and her personality also has a grumpy side. "Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers." Maybe this little hare is the same. He has not experienced the cruelty of the food chain, so he has a very strong temper. Bite in the past, but it is easier to become prey. 1. Rabbits bite people when they are anxious. Rabbits are relatively small herbivores. Judging from the speed at which they eat carrots, their teeth are also relatively sharp. Rabbits have 4 upper incisors and 2 lower incisors. There are generally about 28 teeth, which are longer than human teeth and long enough to bite people. There are more and more cases of rabbits biting people, especially children. Because of the cute appearance of rabbits, many families keep rabbits as pets, but when children feed the rabbits alone, they will use their fingers to put food into the rabbit's mouth. Here, when the rabbit sees food, it opens its mouth and bites, easily biting or even biting off the children's fingers. In the wild, the rabbit is a timid and docile animal. If it encounters any threat, it will flee immediately, and generally will not bite. As long as someone catches it and angers it, when the rabbit has no way to escape, Rabbits can only kick and bite. This is the animal's inevitable counterattack in order to survive. Or when protecting calves, in order to protect the cubs, they will angrily drive and bite predators, which is their innate calves protection instinct. 2. Rabbit and Eagle The hare is a small herbivore with many predators, but rabbits have accumulated many ways to avoid predators in the long-term evolution and life experience, such as camouflaging in the grass, the rabbit riding Eagle, sharp turn and other skills. "Rabbit on the eagle" means that the rabbit will fight back desperately in order to survive. Because the hare is good at running, the hare's hind limbs are also the most powerful. If caught by the eagle, the hare will also fight back violently, taking advantage of the eagle's inattentiveness. , Kick the eagle's abdomen violently. The eagle's abdomen is relatively weak. When encountering the most powerful counterattack from the hare's hind legs, it will give the eagle raptor a certain lethality. Some hares can also escape smoothly with this trick. A rabbit is relatively weak, but a group of rabbits has a relatively strong survivability. This is because rabbits have a strong reproductive ability, and rabbits are relatively timid and cautious in personality. When they hear any trouble, they immediately run and abscond to avoid the enemy. Therefore, although there are many natural enemies of rabbits, the population of rabbits is also very large and the distribution range is very wide. Pay attention to the six-dimensional nature and let the flow know nature!


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