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The little brother caught the little hare after herding cattle, and the rabbit ran after the little brother after the release: he has a good temper

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The little brother caught the little hare after herding cattle, and the rabbit ran after the little brother after the release: he has a good temper

Speaking of wild rabbits, it is becoming more and more rare these days. I remember when Xiao Ming, a veterinarian, lived in the country as a child, there were hares in groups. It's just that because they are too timid, they usually run away when they see people. But the hare below has refreshed my past "cognition" of rabbits. "What are you looking at?" The story takes place in Inner Mongolia. The guy lives in the country and often shares some of his life online. On this day, when he went out to herd cattle and was sitting on the ground playing with his mobile phone, he felt that something was rubbing against his clothes behind him, and he rubbed it several times in a row. "What?" He turned his head curiously and found that it was a little rabbit pulling him. Just when he was bored, the boy was immediately interested in this "cute" who took the initiative to deliver to his door. And the little hare is not afraid of people, and the guy doesn't run away when he catches it, so the guy grabs the little rabbit's ears and picks it up to play with it. The hare whose ears were grabbed seemed to be caught by the neck of fate, and he didn't dare to struggle too much, but he was obviously not happy. Seeing that the little guy was also a little angry, he put it on the ground: "Let's go!" The rabbit was in a hurry and it really bit people. Unexpectedly, after the rabbit was released, it didn't run away, but went to the guy's lap. Jumping, scolding and scolding while jumping, making a "eeeeeeeeeeey" sound. Huh? The boy was stunned: you are a wild rabbit, what are you doing? Domestic rabbits are not afraid of people, so how dare a little hare be so brave? Then I thought that I guessed that I had pulled its ears before, and the little hare was unhappy, so it was angry, but I couldn't tell, the rabbit was also quite temperamental. Looking at this ferocious rabbit, the guy is also very happy. It seems that the rabbit can really bite when he is angry. Later, the little hare also followed the guy for several distances before leaving. May have saved it in June? Afterwards, when the guy thought about this incident, he thought of an incident that happened in June. I remember that when I was herding cattle in June, I also met a small hare. At that time, the rabbit was motionless and seemed to be poisoned. The kind guy took it home, put it in a basin, and fed it an antidote. But when I went to see it the next day, I found that the hare was gone. Now that I think about it, could the hare that I met this time be the one that I saved by myself, so it is not afraid when it sees itself? Haha, veterinarian Xiao Ming thinks this possibility is quite high, because the rabbits are quite similar in terms of color and appearance, and the most important thing is that he is not afraid of the guy at all. However, when the little rabbit came to "repay his kindness", why was his ear pulled? Message: Xiao Ming, a veterinarian, has always believed that everything has a spirit. Even the weakest and most inconspicuous little creatures have their own spirituality, and they will repay and of course hold revenge. So, I hope everyone can be kind, and don’t be cold-hearted when you meet the weak in need of help. Maybe the blessings you have accumulated will not necessarily bring you good luck? The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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