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The newlyweds kowtow three times to their parents, and the dog "sit up" to accept the groom's kowtow: I want to be happy too

Time:2023-02-03 05:30:37 author:Mammal Read:270次
The newlyweds kowtow three times to their parents, and the dog "sit up" to accept the groom's kowtow: I want to be happy too

In recent years, many people have allowed their pets to be present when they get married. For shit shovelers, pets are like family. They accompany them to grow up, so it is understandable to witness their marriage. There is even a newcomer who proposes to let the dog send the "wedding ring", which the veterinarian Xiaoming thinks is quite meaningful. Like the two little dogs in the story below, it is even more exaggerated, and they were directly "gifted" by the newcomer. The story of the newlyweds bowing to their parents three times took place in Yunnan Province. When the newlyweds got married, two small dogs, one big and one small, followed the old master all the time, witnessing the little master's wedding. When the emcee of ceremonies arranged the wedding to "kowtow to the parents", a hilarious scene occurred. The parents of the newlyweds are sitting on the sofa, waiting to accept the three kowtows of the bride and groom. When the master of ceremonies gave the order of "a kowtow", the head of the bride had already bowed down, but when the groom was halfway through his bow, he made a sound of "oops". What's going on, why did the ceremony stop halfway through? I also want to feel happy. It turns out that when the groom wants to kowtow, he can't kowtow because his forehead touched the dog's hair. He looked up and found that the two little dogs raised by his wife were actually staying in front of his father-in-law and mother-in-law. If he knelt down just now, it would be like giving the dogs a big gift. How could that be? The groom was speechless and wanted to laugh, almost letting the dog take a big advantage, so he hurriedly pushed the big dog aside. The groom's move also caused laughter from the onlookers. And the dog who was pushed aside still seemed a little reluctant. He didn't seem to know what he had done wrong. And the other puppy saw that his brother was being driven aside, and it seemed to realize that it was wrong, and hurriedly left on his own. Damn, don't say that this little dog is quite sensible. The old man guarded the dog all the way. When everyone thought that the two puppies were acting funny, some people also noticed such a detail. The old man's hand was protecting the dog the whole time. When the dog was driven aside, the old man hurriedly touched the dog's head with his hands, as if to comfort him. It can be seen that the family status of the two dogs is actually quite high. After watching the video, many netizens were all joking, thinking what happened to the dog? Some netizens also felt that the groom's push was a bit heavy, which was not suitable. The veterinarian Xiaoming thinks, some netizens don't need to be too serious. It is obvious that the groom is joking with the dog. On a good day, the netizens should stop making troubles? Message: Dogs spend their whole lives accompanying their owners. From the owner going to school to starting a family and starting a business, this seemingly short-term process actually cost them their entire lives. When we grow up and become sensible, and the dog has reached the age of dying. Therefore, in the process of raising dogs, we cherish the days when they can accompany us. Don't wait until you lose them to realize your regrets, it's too late. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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