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Dog lovers participate in adoption activities, but bring a cat home: the appearance of sticking to people is too cute

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Dog lovers participate in adoption activities, but bring a cat home: the appearance of sticking to people is too cute

Cats seem to have a magic power that can make all kind people like them. "I never liked cats, but now I'm obsessed with it." You see, another young lady is "really fragrant". In an activity to find animals to adopt, a little sister who loves dogs met this cat named Paquito. There was a group of kittens in one corner of the venue, some of whom looked scared and confused by the unfamiliar surroundings. Among the timid cats, Paquito was particularly out of place: he sat there relaxed, looking calm. When the young lady was sitting on the stool, Paquito took the initiative to jump on her lap, first dozing, and then purring. Paquito's grunt was so loud it sounded like a motorcycle up close. At that moment, the little sister understood: "This is my cat!" The little sister was born in Mexico, where the culture of raising cats did not last long. Her parents never liked cats, so she never really understood the appeal of cats. But after meeting her partner's cat, the little sister became interested in cats: "My view of cats has completely changed. I never knew before that people could have such a bond with cats and how affectionate they can be. ." The connection with Pajito is something that Miss Sister has never felt in the process of growing up as a dog at home. Every morning, the cat would come to Miss Sister's bed, put her head on the pillow, put her paws on her chest, and start purring loudly. The cat is very clingy and always wants to stay with the little sister. Its active closeness is like a booster, which can make the little sister happy all day. It doesn't seem to understand what "personal space" is at all, so the young lady sometimes has to hold it farther away. Even so, when the young lady entered the room, she could still see it lying on the bed with its belly turned over. In fact, Paquito was found with his mother and two siblings. Its mother is an orange shorthair cat, and it is not known whether Paquito's long gray hair is inherited from his father. Unlike many cats, Paquito is not only not afraid of life, but also likes to wear his chest and back to go out for a walk; like most cats, Paquito is also afraid of water, and regards the bathroom as a flood. Whenever the lady wants to close the door to go to the toilet, the cat will stick out its little paws from the crack of the door below, trying to stop the lady from closing the door. In addition, Miss Sister also encountered several low points in her life. The cat seems to be able to feel the emotions of the young lady. Whenever she is sad, she will come to her side. What can be more touching than getting the care of the furry child? Now, Miss Sister has become a full cat lover. Looking back on past one-sided reviews of other cat lovers, she's sorry. "Thank you for choosing me as its owner." The young lady sighed. Cats and dogs are two different feelings. Compared with the liveliness and obedience of dogs, cats are more peaceful and independent. Choose pets according to your actual conditions and preferences, so as to benefit both people and pets! The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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