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Husky bit the water pipe while the woman was sleeping

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Husky bit the water pipe while the woman was sleeping

There is a saying, "Erha looks back, the days are coming to an end, either the house is demolished, or the building is demolished." Presumably, the shit shoveling officers who raise huskies are immersed in the fear of their demolition of their homes almost every day, because you never know what their next "target" will be. Like the Husky in the story below, the whole movement is really a bit big. When I woke up in the morning, my blood pressure went up. My sister is an internet celebrity pet blogger, and the huskies raised at home are very powerful. Every time I see the pet videos she shares, I feel a little overwhelmed across the screen. When the young lady woke up this morning, her eyes were drowsy, and when she wanted to step on her slippers to go to the toilet, she woke up in an instant: the slippers were wet and soaked in water. "What's the matter?" The young lady suddenly lost her sleep. When she glanced at the room and living room, her blood pressure suddenly rose, and she almost cried. She saw that there was water everywhere in the house. Just like "water floods Jinshan", the water on the ground is high enough to raise fish. Suppressing her broken mood, she went to the bathroom to check the situation: Sure enough, everything was done by the huskies. Are you iron teeth copper teeth? After the young lady walked to the bathroom, she found a few huskies around the water pipe behind the toilet. When they saw the master coming, they hurriedly "dismissed" and walked to the living room. I saw that the stainless steel water pipe had been bitten, and a steady stream of water poured out from it. At this time, the young lady is already extremely angry. If the water pipe is made of plastic, you can bite it. It is stainless steel. You can bite it. Are your teeth made of iron? However, the damage caused by the huskies is far more than just flooding the home. Many of the things that the young lady and sister just bought in the cardboard boxes were also soaked, causing heavy losses. However, a few Erhas didn't know that they were in trouble, and even played in the water, completely ignoring the shit shovel officer who collapsed on the side. Damn, is this dog still available? It's no use blaming the huskies after a morning of tearful cleaning. The priority is to quickly deal with this "sea of ​​water". After a lot of effort, the water at home can be considered clean. After cleaning the water in the house, Miss Sister didn't beat or scold the husky too much. Maybe she was already used to Erha. After seeing the video shared by Miss Sister, many netizens said that if it was their own dog, they would have given it a long time ago. It seems that Miss Sister is too kind. Hahahaha, that's true, this dog is fortunately not in the hands of the veterinarian Xiaoming, otherwise it will be autistic. Message: Although the husky is so pretentious, there is still an endless stream of people who want to raise it, of course, including some who do not believe in evil, and have to try the shoveling officer who demolished the husky. The veterinarian Xiaoming suggested that if your psychological capacity is poor, your tolerance is low, and your wallet is not very sufficient, don't consider huskies. Once you get a dog impulsively, the final result is that it is not good for people and not good for dogs. If you really like huskies, then "cloud sucking" on the Internet, it's very interesting to watch others raise them.


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