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These kinds of dogs are "spontaneous familiar" and enthusiastic. Do you want to raise them?

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These kinds of dogs are "spontaneous familiar" and enthusiastic. Do you want to raise them?

Each dog treats people differently because of its different breeds and feeding methods. Most dogs are only very warm and friendly to their owners, but they are still more vigilant towards other people and have a bit of a fierce temper. But there are just a few kinds of dogs that are "naturally familiar", they are good to everyone, and they are very enthusiastic.


The husky has a more carefree personality. It can also be said that it is more "heartless" and is lively and funny The aggressive personality is very attractive, and it probably has "social bullshit", a completely familiar look. Breeding suggestion: Erha's character is very good, but it is very powerful in demolition, and it has stopped many people. It usually takes more time to take it out for a walk, let it "run out of power", and then bring it with you. It goes home, which can effectively reduce the frequency of its demolition.


Labrador is relatively simple and honest in appearance. He is a relative's little guy and has deep feelings for human beings. , No matter who you are facing, acquaintances or strangers, Labrador Retriever can play a ball quickly. Feeding advice: It eats a lot, and the feeling of fullness is not strong, which is easy to keep, leading to obesity. The pet mainly controls its diet, and it is best to feed it regularly to keep the Labrador in a healthy state.

Golden Retriever

Speaking of familiarity, Golden Retriever must be on the list. It is a very warm and friendly dog. The people around you are full of love and are recognized as "warm men". They do not resist the approach of strangers, and even rub against you. Breeding suggestion: The golden retriever is docile and is very suitable as a family companion dog, but it is too docile, which makes the pet owner worry, and it is also very greedy, so the pet owner who raises it must be optimistic about it, and don’t let it be easily used by others It can be lured away with food, and it can also be given anti-feeding training at home.

Bern Mountain

Bern Mountain, comparable to a golden retriever dog, even warmer than a golden retriever, it is almost a golden retriever low-key version. Bourne Hill is naturally kind, has no temper, is good-natured, and is very familiar with everyone, and can play with anyone. Breeding suggestion: Pay attention to spend more time with it when raising Bernese Mountain. It is more clingy and likes the company of pet owners, and spending more patience and time with it can also make it develop a better character.

Ancient English Sheepdog

Ancient shepherds are friendly, loyal, calm and considerate dogs who like to be close to humans. Likes to please human beings, is enthusiastic towards human beings, and maintains a good attitude even towards strangers. Feeding suggestion: It has a relatively large amount of exercise. It is recommended to take it to exercise more or do some training. Its obedience is still good. More training can also develop intelligence. When training with some snacks, it will be more motivated. .


Corgi is an optimist, has a good personality, and is familiar, no matter whether he recognizes you or not, once When you come home, it will give you the warmest welcome gift of hugs and kisses, and it is also a living treasure at home. Feeding advice: Corgis are greedy, and their eyes will glow when they see others eating. But be careful not to feed it indiscriminately, it is a "glass stomach", and eating too much and eating the wrong thing will cause physical discomfort. It is recommended to feed it regularly and quantitatively. It is best to choose a dog food that is easy to digest and can regulate the stomach. Conclusion: Have you ever raised a dog that is very "spontaneous"?


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