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If you want to raise a "Corgi", you must know these 6 shortcomings, otherwise the intestines will regret

Time:2023-02-03 04:30:46 author:Fish Read:774次
If you want to raise a "Corgi", you must know these 6 shortcomings, otherwise the intestines will regret

Corgi is a short-legged little cute, lively and lovely, so many people keep it, but it also has many shortcomings. If you want to keep it, you must be able to know these 6 shortcomings first, otherwise the intestines will regret it! ①Stubborn Corgi is small but has a big temper. Don't look at it's face is always cheerful, but it is notoriously stubborn. If it really wants to be stubborn with you, you can't really screw it, maybe Will be bullied by it! ② Curious Corgi is also a very curious dog. Everything he sees is novel, and he goesssips about everything he encounters. While eating melon, don't forget to be optimistic about it, otherwise you will become a "participant". ③The spine is fragile. Corgis are prone to skeletal problems. Its limbs are short, so its lumbar spine will have a lot of burden, and it is easy to have spinal problems. So usually try not to let it go up and down stairs, do not do strenuous exercise, etc. ④ Urine will get on the legs Corgi's short legs are cute, but there are many disadvantages. For example, when it urinates, because of the short legs, it is easy to make urine stick to the body and make the hair stained with urine. If not cleaned in time, it will turn into a smelly corgi. ⑤Severe hair loss In terms of hair loss, Corgi is also one of the best players in the first echelon. Its hair loss can also be called "twice a year, once for half a year", so it needs to be raised well. Sweeper" consciousness. ⑥Not high obedience As mentioned earlier, Corgi is relatively stubborn, it will also be a little rebellious, and its obedience is not high. Sometimes it will do things secretly and refuse to admit it, so if you want to train it, the most important thing is to do it. It is better to start from a young age, otherwise its obedience will get worse and worse. If you want it to be more obedient and cooperate with training, you can use snacks as a reward during training, and it will be more motivated. ⑦It is easy to eat a pig. Corgi is very greedy, so many people ridicule it for its long sideways. Pick it up and run, it can be hard! And Corgi is too fat, the body will oppress the limbs, prone to heart disease, diabetes, etc., so it is best to help it lose weight in time, take it to exercise, and choose a low-fat formula, easy to digest dog food for feeding. . Conclusion: Have you ever raised a corgi?


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