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Lianchuang tea brewer, specializing in tea brewing, restore the original taste of tea

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Lianchuang tea brewer, specializing in tea brewing, restore the original taste of tea

In ancient times, it was very elegant to make tea around the stove, smell the fragrance and drink tea, and make friends with tea. Smart tea making, rejuvenate life, so that such elegance can be easily owned in modern life! Make a pot of hot tea and refresh your heart. Friends and relatives, drinking tea around the fireplace, elegant and comfortable. Steam spray, high temperature extraction, restore the original flavor of tea, set up the tea warehouse, separate the tea water, and retain the glycolic tea flavor. Deepen the tea basket, filter with micropores, the taste is mellow and warm. Knob-type control design, automatic/stop/manual brewing of personalized tea soup, every tea-making process is fully considered for you to enhance the happiness of use. 0.6L gold capacity, two or three friends get together to enjoy a good tea time. The high-temperature steam circulating spray penetrates the tea leaves and restores the natural tea fragrance. The thickened heating pipe spirals around the central groove of the heating plate to gather the heat and increase the pressure under the air duct, making the spray more powerful and the tea soup more mellow. Four-step tea cooking is simple and steaming, deep extraction of tea essence, and enjoy the way of health. 304 stainless steel raw material for food contact, easy to clean, no peculiar smell, fast heating, high borosilicate glass body, quick cooling and rapid heating, not easy to break, easy to use The texture is transparent, the color of the tea soup is unobstructed, and it can withstand an instantaneous temperature difference of 170°C. It is healthy and beautiful. 600W power finely brewing tea, gathering energy and hot pressing, powerful spray, fully stimulate the tea flavor, the tea soup is more mellow and sweet, allowing you to taste a cup of mellow tea. Lianchuang tea brewing device, specializing in tea brewing, restores the original taste of tea, and makes tea brewing simple and professional.


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