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Ruzhou drained the lake to catch one female and one male crocodile gar, and a community in Qingdao also caught two, is it a coincidence?

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Ruzhou drained the lake to catch one female and one male crocodile gar, and a community in Qingdao also caught two, is it a coincidence?

#Henan Ruzhou "weird fish" was caught# Recently, the species of crocodile gar is the most attractive, and has occupied many hot spots for a long time. "The strange fish was caught: one female and one male", "Henan Ruzhou" State strange fish attacked people before being caught", "Two crocodile gars were caught in an artificial lake in Qingdao", etc. Among them, the most controversial is: draining the entire Yunchan Lake 200,000-300,000 cubic meters of water, Is it worth it to catch a fish? 1. The crocodile gar has become an exotic species expert, netizens and other people who are shouting at everyone to express their opinions. It may be difficult from the perspective of cost and price, but from the perspective of publicity effect, it is undoubtedly a success. Ruzhou Park drains the lake water. Previously, crocodile gar was sold on multiple platforms, and the price was from ten yuan to tens of yuan for a juvenile fish. At this price, many people would buy it. After a few days of fermentation, many people realized that alligator gar is an alien species. The threat is great, and multiple platforms responded quickly, removing the live crocodile gar from the shelves, and there are no merchants selling the live crocodile gar. The Central Park in Ruzhou, Henan Province drained the lake and caught two crocodile gars, which confirmed the speculation that "the crocodile gar found by the public may not be the same crocodile gar, or whether there are multiple crocodile gars". Similarly, on August 27, the artificial lake in a community in Qingdao originally had a lot of fish, but recently there have been fewer and fewer fish. Some big fish were bitten and scarred. It is speculated that the alligator gar did evil, and the artificial lake was also implemented. After several days of pumping, two crocodile gars were found, about 1 meter long and weighing 20-30 kilograms. Finally, they were killed and treated harmlessly. The crocodile gar eats a lot and will kill all the fish in the lake, and it has a ferocious personality. No matter what animal it is, the crocodile gar dares to attack, including humans. For example, on August 22, in Taizhou, Jiangsu, a The child was playing in the pond in the community and was attacked by a crocodile gar and bit his three fingers. The wound has multiple scars. The crocodile gar is 70 cm long and weighs about 10 pounds, while the adult crocodile gar can reach about 3 meters. , weighing more than 140 pounds, how strong the lethality of the alligator gar was at that time. Alligator gars from artificial lakes, communities, and captured all appear in pairs. Most likely, alligator gars are artificially purchased and used as pet fish. I am afraid that they will be lonely and the price is not expensive, so always Buy a pair of alligator gars. At the beginning, the juveniles of alligator gars are not large and can be raised like pet fish, but the growth rate of alligator gars is very fast, and the body size will soon reach more than 1 meter, so that the fish tank prepared by the breeder is not enough. Eel eats a lot and will spend more and more, so many breeders will always keep it for a period of time, and they will lose patience. They will throw these exotic species into the ponds and artificial lakes of the community for convenience, but this move , will be a threat to people near the lake. This time, it has caused a large-scale discussion, and it has also given people a general understanding of the threat of alligator gar. This is very effective. Whether it is news hotspots or short video platforms, you can see that alligator gars are found in many places. The traces of gars, whether they are caught by pulling nets or caught by fishing, have been known to the invasion risks of alien species such as alligator gars, so they are not merciful, making alligator gars in the wild waters "crossing the street". Rats, everyone shouts." 2. How to prevent and control alien species In recent years, more and more alien species have been discovered in China. According to statistics, more than 660 invasive alien species have been discovered nationwide. Plant species include water hyacinth, ragweed, etc. The invasion channels of these alien species may be natural invasion, unintentional introduction or intentional introduction as food, etc., all of which cause serious damage to native species. In order to further prevent the harm of these alien species, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has also issued the "Administrative Measures for Invasive Alien Species", which requires that "any unit or individual shall not introduce, release or discard alien species without approval." Therefore, if these extremely harmful alien species are deliberately and maliciously released, it may involve both civil and criminal liability. In order to avoid the random release of exotic species such as crocodile gar, on the one hand, we increased publicity to make people realize that they should not think that the release of animals is a good thing. The random release often leads to a bigger "killing". It may violate the law, and at the same time, the purchase and sale process should be regulated, so as to better deter some breeders. Pay attention to the six-dimensional nature and let the flow know nature!


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