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The stray cat was adopted by firefighters for 3 months, and its appearance has changed a lot: it's good that someone hurts

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The stray cat was adopted by firefighters for 3 months, and its appearance has changed a lot: it's good that someone hurts

There is a particularly popular saying now: If you have difficulty, find a firefighter. As a result, not only do people contact the fire uncle when they are in trouble, but even animals know to go to the fire station when they encounter difficulties, which is enough to show that our "blue friends" are not too charming. The stray cat came to the door As early as 3 months ago, an injured stray cat came to the door of the fire brigade. Because of the long-term wandering, its white fur was not good enough, and many of it formed lumps. The pure white cat has turned into a small dirty cat, which is naturally very distressing. But the most unbearable thing is that a large piece of rotten on its hind legs, as if someone bit off a piece of meat, everyone guessed that it was probably the injury it suffered when they were robbing the food, and the heart-piercing red It also hurt the hearts of firefighters. Immediately, the firefighters decided to keep it, intending to wait for the stray cat to recover before sending it away. And this "soft heart" also laid the groundwork for the later story. I don't want to fight anymore. Then, when the cat was recuperating in the fire brigade, he was taken care of by the "blue friends", and he even peeled quail eggs and fed them to the stray cat, so that it could recover. Day by day, the cat's condition is getting better and better, from a little dirty cat covered in injuries to a very strong one. In addition, the firefighters also took the time to bathe the cat in person, and took care of the messy hair on its body so that it was white and smooth, and there was no sign that it was a stray cat at all. The most touching thing is that its character has also undergone a transformation. Originally timid and afraid of people, it is now very attached to the firefighter who takes care of it. A long time ago, when the firefighters saw that the stray cat had almost recovered, they planned to release it and let it return to nature. After all, the fire brigade is not Shelter. But the stray cat was reluctant to leave, and stayed in the team and refused to leave, and the firefighters had nothing to do with it. As the saying goes, "it's easy to ask God and it's hard to send him off", I'm afraid that's what happened. Now that stray cats have experienced the feeling of being taken care of by others, why are they still willing to be the stray cat that was bullied by others? In this way, the cat has also become a member of the fire brigade, but they have a formal establishment. Harmful, so the chance is too important. I am very lucky to meet a kind firefighter, and the stray cat will not have to work hard in the second half of his life. Message: Here, veterinarian Xiao Ming is also happy for this stray cat, and he no longer has to be displaced. But then again, the reason why the little stray cat can change his fate is because he met a kind person. If it hadn't walked to the door of the fire brigade that day, perhaps the cat would have had another ending. Veterinarian Xiao Ming hopes that more and more people will join the team to rescue stray animals, help them and give them a home. In fact, stray animals don't want much. It's enough to have an owner who loves them and a shelter from the wind and rain. In addition, even if anyone doesn't like them, just stay away and don't hurt them. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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