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A "water dog" was discovered in Xi'an, Shaanxi. It is small in size and strong in temperament. It can kill crocodiles.

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A "water dog" was discovered in Xi'an, Shaanxi. It is small in size and strong in temperament. It can kill crocodiles.

I have to sigh that my country's ecological environment has indeed improved in recent years, and the number of many wild animals has increased. In the past, even in rural areas, there were few wild animals in a year, but now even in cities, more and more rare animals are found. It is common to encounter Siberian tigers on the roadside, black bears breaking into the village, and wild boars found in the city center. Recently, a businessman in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province found a strange-looking wild animal on a flower bed outside his house. He saw that it had a long body, a small head, and a long tail. Professionals have determined that this wild animal is a national second-class protected animal, otter, which is also called "water dog" or "water monkey" by the people. As for why it came to the flower bed, the reason is unknown, and it is speculated that it may be for food. I don't know why the hind leg was injured, so I finally hid in the flower bed temporarily. The otter is a very ferocious animal, and its "notoriety" is well-known in the animal world. Fortunately, no one went to the flower bed to provoke it at that time, otherwise it would be attacked with high probability. In particular, the beasts that strayed into the area of ​​human life are already highly nervous and more aggressive.

Long legs, short ears, slightly protruding eyes and long whiskers

Otters are mustelidae and otter animals. Looks a bit like a giant mouse. Its body is relatively long, its head is small, its ears are small, its mouth is relatively short, its limbs are also short, its eyes are slightly protruding and round, and there are whiskers on both sides of its face. , slowly shrinking toward the tip of the tail. The hair on the otter is long and dense, and the hair on the back is brown and looks shiny. The hair on the abdomen is lighter in color, mostly gray-brown. Otters are medium in size, about the size of a puppy, with an average weight of 7-12 kilograms in adulthood, with a few larger individuals reaching 17 kilograms. Data from reliable sources have been found to show that the largest otter has been found to exceed 17 kilograms. 24 kg. Otters are widely distributed throughout Asia, Europe and Africa. They mainly live in rivers and lakes, especially in the open areas of streams, and occasionally in salty coastal waters. However, after their activities in salt water areas, they need to go to places with fresh water to wash their hair. Due to frequent water exposure, the hair on the body is always wet and looks more shiny. In order to better move underwater, the nostrils and ear canals of otters have evolved a small circular valve that can be closed during diving to prevent water from entering. In addition, their bones become harder and denser to reduce buoyancy in water.

The king of freshwater, even killing crocodiles

Otters cannot live without water, and freshwater waters are their home. Otters have webs between their toes, which means they have a strong swimming ability. The food of otters is mainly all kinds of fish. When they swim in the water, they will stick their forelimbs close to the body, kick the water with their hind limbs, wag their tails to hit the water, and their bodies will undulate in waves. The whole swimming posture looks like an eel, and the speed is very fast. quick. After catching a fish, the otter would lift the fish out of the water before eating it. Otters are the kings of freshwater. They are fierce and powerful, with fangs and can even deal with crocodiles. The otter has a strong sense of territory. When some smaller crocodiles enter its territory, the otters will rush up desperately and bite the crocodile in their hands. In the water, otters are king, but when they come ashore, they are clumsy. Otters are not very good at walking on land. When they walk, they keep their abdomens close to the ground and crawl forward, looking like they are staggering. Hunting on land is not as easy as in water, so smart otters tend to ambush their prey. As we all know, Mustelidae animals are good at being small and broad, and otters, as a member of the Mustelidae family, naturally have this ability. They are capable of suppressing and killing prey much larger than themselves, and violent conflicts often break out among their species. Especially during the breeding season, the males fight each other, in order to compete for mates, they are ready to fight, and they can't even eat and lose their appetite.

Don't look at the small size, you can still beat up when you meet a human

Among the mustelids, the "flat-headed brother" honey badger is a well-known ruthless character, it has hatred The character that must report and report on the spot has successfully been included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most fearless animal in the world. Although the character of the otter is not as fierce as the honey badger, it is not much worse. Although the otter looks small, cute, and harmless to humans and animals, it is actually a ruthless character. After being frightened, they will show strong aggression. Even in the face of opponents much larger than them, they dare to rush to attack, which is frightening. Relatively speaking, otters are not so afraid of humans, and sometimes they will actively attack humans. According to the British "Guardian" report in December 2021, a British man in Singapore found more than 20 otters moving slowly while walking in the park in the early morning. Later, someone ran over, possibly scaring them, so the group of otters chased and bit the man frantically, until they ran to the visitor center, and the group of otters left with the help of many staff to drive them away. After inspection, the man was bitten by otters a total of 26 times. In addition, according to Singaporean media reports, in May 2021, an old man was also bitten by an otter while exercising near the Kallang River. Otters play by nature, often suspending their bodies in the water by treading water, with their heads out of the water and looking around. Sometimes the face, body and tail are also exposed on the water, so they are often mistaken for water monsters by people who don’t know what they are. In reality, the “water monkeys” people think are most likely to be otters. Action, sometimes jumping on the water like a dolphin. Follow me and make a friend who understands animals.

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