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Three black bears were found at the northern foot of the Qinling Mountains.

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Three black bears were found at the northern foot of the Qinling Mountains.

Due to its unique geographical location and climatic environment, the Qinling area has created a variety of ecosystems. It is one of the regions with the richest biodiversity in my country and even in East Asia. All thrive here. In terms of wildlife resources, Qinling has countless mammals, including giant pandas, leopards, golden monkeys, takins, crested ibis and many other rare animals, which can be seen here, and there are a lot of them. Due to the different climate and vegetation types between the north and south of the Qinling Mountains, the animal resources in the southern and northern foothills are also different, and the northern foothills will be relatively less. Recently, at the Laoyu State-owned Ecological Forest Farm in Huyi District, Xi'an, at the northern foot of the Qinling Mountains, an infrared camera set up in the wild made a surprising discovery. For the first time, the activity of a family of three wild black bears was photographed. I saw two adult black bears with a cub appearing in front of the camera. Obviously, it was the father and mother bears who came out to play with their children. In the picture, the burly and burly one is the bear father, the smaller one is the bear mother, and the little black bear follows him. It is naughty and cute, and follows the bear mother all the way shaking its head, playing in the water, so uncomfortable. And Daddy Bear is also playful by nature. After discovering the camera, he kept looking at it, and even played directly in front of the camera.

Asian black bears are strong and have V-shaped white spots on their chests

Asian black bears, also called dog bears and "blind bears", are distributed in my country More extensive, many provinces have traces of their activities. In many popular science introductions, it is customary to describe black bears as small and medium-sized bears, which makes many people mistakenly think that black bears are not big. But you know what? The four words "small and medium-sized" have references, which means that it is not large in the bear family, but compared with humans or most other animals in nature, it is like a behemoth. There are huge differences in body size among Asian black bears. The smallest female may only be about 40 kg, while a few large males can even reach 200 kg, stand up to more than 1.9 meters, and have a strong body and obvious muscle sense. Is it small? The Asian black bear has a relatively broad and round head, a short mouth, a bare nose, small eyes, and relatively poor eyesight. The hair on its body is jet black and shiny. The biggest feature of the Asian black bear is a "V"-shaped white spot on the chest, so the Asian black bear also has the titles of "Moon Bear" and "Crescent Bear", which is the most obvious feature that distinguishes the Asian black bear from other black bears. It is worth mentioning that the sun bear also has white spots on the chest, but it is a horseshoe or "U" shape, which needs to be distinguished from the white spots of the Asian black bear. If you have a hard time judging, you can also look at the face. The face of the sun bear has a large area of ​​milky yellow or brownish-yellow white spots, but the Asian black bear does not have this feature.

Black bears have a wide range of activities and need to eat a lot in autumn

Asian black bears are forest-dwelling animals and often appear in mountainous forests and other terrains. They usually come out at night. During the day they sleep in caves. Despite their bulky appearance, black bears are actually very flexible. They are very good at climbing trees, picking fruits from trees, and picking up bird eggs. In some areas in northeastern Asia, the Ussuri brown bear, because he can't climb trees and likes to eat fruit, often follows the black bear and picks up the fruit that the black bear shakes and drops when it climbs the tree. When encountering predators such as Siberian tigers, black bears can also climb trees in time to escape. Due to their large size and large appetite, Asian black bears mostly eat fruits, buds, seeds, fish, frogs, insects, etc. of some plants. A single serving can provide very little energy, so they need a lot of food. food to meet the needs of survival. Black bears need to hibernate, and at the end of autumn, they need to eat a lot of "autumn fat", so their activities are very wide, looking for food everywhere, they will make a big noise in the forest. This has also led to the high incidence of tigers catching bears in autumn. In the Northeast region, every autumn and winter, Siberian tigers have to prey on bears and beat their teeth.

Black bears are irritable and more dangerous to humans than tigers

In my opinion, black bears are a rather strange animal, with a very unstable mood . First of all, black bears are very timid, and a little change in the surrounding environment may make them startle. In the past, the most direct method that people took to drive away black bears was to beat gongs and drums and set off firecrackers, which could play a very good role. Secondly, black bears are very irritable, as if anything can provoke them, which is why black bears are so dangerous. Once startled, black bears quickly turn fear into anger and become extremely aggressive. In the Northeast proverb, "one pig, two bears and three tigers" refers to the level of danger to humans. Black bears surpass tigers. A study of past black bear wounding incidents found that most black bear wounding incidents were caused by the rash appearance of humans and disturbed them. Black bears that are in the parenting stage and those who put on autumn fat at the end of autumn are much more dangerous than usual. In the vicinity of some Linyuan villages, some black bears will often go down the mountain to break into the villages to find food, and these black bears are also more dangerous. Because beasts enter the living area of ​​human beings and face unfamiliar environments, their nerves are highly tense and very tense. Once stimulated, they will produce a stress response, which will lead to incidents of attacking people. So if you find black bears entering the village, immediately hide in the house, and at the same time tell other people in the village to make a loud noise together to scare them away. Don't attack the black bear. Human beings can't get the slightest benefit in front of it. As my country's ecological environment is getting better and better, the population of wild animals is recovering, and creatures that were difficult to see even in deep mountains and old forests are now more and more in people's sight. When encountering wild animals, we must first ensure our own safety, and at the same time try not to disturb them, so that humans and nature can live in harmony. In the past, black bears were generally considered to be animals that act alone. Now, three black bears have been found in the northern foothills of the Qinling Mountains. Especially, it is relatively rare for adult male black bears to stay with their wives and children. Significance. Follow me and make a friend who understands animals.


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