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Pregnant 4-year-old bitch, tethered to the backyard all her life, grandma: Please help take care of the dog

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Pregnant 4-year-old bitch, tethered to the backyard all her life, grandma: Please help take care of the dog

Dogs are lively and playful animals, and if they are kept on a leash for a long time, it will cause serious damage to their physical and mental health. On this day, volunteers at Animal Rescue received a request from an elderly grandmother who hoped they would take a dog from their backyard. what on earth is it? Everyone came to the grandmother's house with full of questions. When people came to the backyard, they were stunned by the scene in front of them: it was overgrown with weeds, and there were fallen leaves, moss, garbage and rotting wood strips everywhere. The dog who needed to be rescued was chained to a dilapidated log cabin, with wires wrapped around its neck. The granny said the dog was about four years old and had been on a leash alone since he was picked up as a child. As for the reason for keeping the dog in the backyard, the grandmother said she was afraid of the dog because she had been bitten by it. Although everyone didn't agree with the grandmother's actions, but seeing the 86-year-old woman walking slowly with crutches, they couldn't bear to say words of condemnation. The old grandmother also lived very hard, there was no need to criticize her, not to mention that the dog was not seriously hurt after all. The grandmother added that the dog is currently pregnant, and since few people come to visit the dog, no one knows who the dog's father is and where he is now. Considering the dog's body, the grandmother felt powerless to take care of her, so she asked everyone for help. Living alone for years in this filthy environment makes the dog very timid. When hearing the sound of people approaching, the dog shyly wagged its tail slightly, but did not dare to approach everyone. It happily accepted the food fed by the volunteers, but when everyone opened the cage and placed it at the door of the wooden house, it still huddled in the corner of the wooden house in fear. Afterwards, everyone grabbed the dog into the cage and sent it to the veterinary hospital. After leaving the familiar environment, the dog was extremely panicked and irritable, making threatening sounds of whining along the way, and even a little aggressive. As a last resort, the doctor had to anesthetize it and then lift it onto the operating table. After the cord was removed from the neck and an examination was done, the dog was sent to live in a temporary foster home. In a free and loving environment, the dog gradually regained its lively and friendly nature. I wish it all the best in the future and find a long-term home of its own as soon as possible. At the end of the article, veterinarian Xiao Ming still wants to remind everyone not to leash the dog for a long time for convenience. Such dogs are very timid, and their temper will become particularly irritable and irritable, their aggression towards people will also increase, and they are prone to developmental delays due to insufficient exercise. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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