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"Dragon carp" was found in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. It wears iron armor and has huge claws on its feet. It will shrink into a ball when it is in danger

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"Dragon carp" was found in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. It wears iron armor and has huge claws on its feet. It will shrink into a ball when it is in danger

After the ecological environment has been improved, the number of wild animals has also increased, which we can see from the changes in our lives. In the past, it was difficult to see some wild animals even in rural areas, but now even big cities like Nanjing are frequently visited by wild boars. The phenomenon of wild animals appearing in human activity areas is becoming more and more common. This is good news, indicating that the ecology is getting better and better. However, it also faces a common problem, that is, how to better get along with wild animals. As animal protection has become more and more popular, people's attitudes towards animals have also undergone tremendous changes. At present, the common practice in this situation is to report it to the relevant departments to deal with or rescue them.

Villagers found strange animals, which were first-class protected animals

A villager in Yongjia County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, recently at 8 pm Duo, when he was touching the snails in the river, he suddenly found something strange on the hillside of the river bank, so he stopped what he was doing and straightened up and looked at it. I saw a round thing rolled down the hillside and fell into the water. At first, the villagers thought it was a stone, but it was already night with each other, and there was no one nearby. How could a stone roll down the mountain by itself? Curious, he walked over and saw that it was not a stone, but an animal covered in "iron armor". Realizing that the strange animal was likely a conservation animal, the villagers took it home. The next day, the villagers contacted the village committee and relevant departments. After the identification of experts, this animal with scales is indeed a national protected animal, and it is a first-class protected animal. Carp" and "Dragon Carp". In fact, Chinese pangolins were also found in another place in Yongjia County before. Experts said that they have been able to basically confirm that there is a wild population of Chinese pangolins in Yongjia. The reason why pangolins have been found continuously in the near future may be related to the weather. The continuous high temperature and drought and the decrease of rainfall have made most animals, including pangolins, nervous to obtain water, thus changing their original living habits and fetching water from farther places, thus intersecting with the scope of human activities.

It has scales all over its body, and the big claws on its feet are very scary

Pangolins are scaly animals that wear an "iron armor". The scales on different pangolins are also different. The scales of Chinese pangolins are tan, and the edges of the scales will turn gray-brown or orange-brown in old age. The shape of the tile is parallel to the body axis, and it is arranged in an orderly manner from the top of the forehead to the top of the tail. However, the scales of pangolins are not covered all over the body, and there are no scales on the ventral surface. Their brains are large, but their eyes are small, and their visible vision is poor and severely degraded. The ears are not good either, the hearing is not developed, but fortunately, the sense of smell is very sensitive, which can help them forage and daily life. Pangolins have strong claws on their feet, especially the claws of the forelimbs, which are huge and look timid. In our impression, animals with strong claws are generally very ferocious, and their fighting power is strong, and a single claw can scratch a person's skin to pieces. For example, tigers, bears, etc. are all beasts with strong claws. The claws of pangolins look larger than those of tigers and bears, especially the third claw in the middle is particularly long. However, the claws of pangolins only look scary. In fact, they are cowards. When they are in danger, they basically curl up and rarely attack actively. Their claws are mostly used for digging, not fighting.

Pangolins cannot go through mountains, and their burrowing skills are not the strongest

Pangolins are animals whose names are misleading. Influence, many people think that they can travel freely between the mountains and underground, just like Tu Xingsun has the technique of escaping. In fact, pangolins cannot traverse mountains, and even their burrowing skills are not the strongest in nature. For example, the burrows dug by animals such as badgers and marmots are spacious and complex, and they are not comparable to the burrows of pangolins. In ancient my country, they were not called "Pangolin", but "Dace Carp", "Ling Carp" or "Dragon Carp", which has nothing to do with pangolins. The reason why pangolins have claws suitable for burrowing is that burrows are very important to them. Pangolins mostly live in subtropical deciduous forests and are nocturnal. They generally hide in caves during the day, and they lack a sense of security. When they are in the cave, they will block the entrance of the cave with some soil. At night, when they want to come out for activities and foraging, they dig out the hole again. They are specialized species with reduced vision and hearing, but an exceptionally developed sense of smell. Pangolins have no teeth and long, slender tongues and feed on the larvae of termites, bees and other insects. To eat these foods, you basically don't need sight and hearing, you only need to have a developed enough sense of smell to smell where they are.

Focus on defense, but lose to humans

From the outside, the pangolin wears "iron armor" and has huge claws on its feet. They look like they can fight very well. In fact, they are a "five scumbags". It is precisely because the attack power is too weak, so they put all their skill points on defense, which is one of the rare "absolute defenses" in nature. one. The scales on the pangolin are very hard, and it is said that bullets can't penetrate it. Of course, this is just an exaggerated rhetoric, but it also shows its high strength. In nature, there are beasts who want to take hold of them. There are many natural enemies of pangolins, but basically there is no way to deal with them. Because when they are in danger, they will quickly curl up into a ball, protecting their soft abdomen, and their scales are facing outward, which looks like an iron ball. A pangolin in a defensive state cannot be bitten by a lion. Pangolins have poor attack power and move very slowly, but relying on their super defense, they can ignore the many natural enemies in nature. Whether it is a beast on the ground or a bird of prey in the sky, they can break their "iron armor". However, pangolins forgot the existence of humans. When they were in danger, they curled up into a ball. This should have been an "absolute defense", but it was easy to capture them. It's not even a capture, it's a "catch". Because of the massive hunting and killing of humans, the living conditions of the 8 species of pangolins in the world are not optimistic. Four are vulnerable, two are endangered, and two are critically endangered. The Chinese pangolin in my country is a critically endangered species, almost functionally extinct. The fate of pangolins in our country is bumpy. Earlier, because of their superstition, they were sought after by many diners. In fact, the scales of pangolins are similar to our nails, nothing special. Follow me and make an animal friend.

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