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What causes cats to bury their poop?

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What causes cats to bury their poop?

The behavior of cats to bury their feces and other excrement is a natural behavior that is deeply embedded in the cat's genes. 1. Cats are not the top of the food chain. Cats are not the top of the food chain. Although they are also carnivores, they are only small carnivores. Cats can only eat some small animals, small rodents (mice), insects, small reptiles (lizards and the like), a small number of small birds, etc. And cats themselves are not safe, and they are also the prey targets of some large carnivores. Therefore, cats are usually cautious and cautious, and always pay attention to cover up their traces. 2. The smell of cat excrement is very strong. The cat itself pays great attention to its own cleanliness. In addition to sleeping and eating, it is constantly combing its own hair. And the most revealing thing on cats is excrement, because cat excrement has a strong smell. The poop actually tastes good, it has a little smell when it is just pulled out, and it tastes much less after it dries. The most smelly cat excrement is cat urine. It tastes sour and refreshing. Many cat owners know it, right? Friends who don't have pets should feel it more deeply for the first time. After all, the friends with eyes and cats will be a little less sensitive to this smell under the long-term influence. 3. Cats bury their stools to cover up the smell. In order to prevent their excrement from revealing their whereabouts, cats will specially find sandy areas for defecation. The sand on the sandy soil has a certain absorption effect on odors, and defecation here is safer than defecation in other places. The cat can bury its excrement after the convenience, so that it can cover its whereabouts more safely. Therefore, after the cat is born, even if there is no mother's education, it will have the habit of covering up its excrement. After all, in nature, cats who can't bury their poop become the dinner of the beasts. 4. Some cats will not bury their excrement. In fact, some cats will not cover their own poo. Most of these cats are breeds specially bred by humans. For example, most Garfield cats, that is, the big pie-faced Garfield will not bury poop. There are also hairless cats, that is, Sphynx cats, and some do not bury their poo. Because these cats are not evolved in nature, but bred by humans, they are born with some habit defects. Don't blame cats just because they can't bury their poo, it's not their fault, understand. Cats buried in their stools are tens of thousands or even millions of wild cats. In the natural life of thousands of years, they use the good habits accumulated at the cost of their lives to protect themselves from natural enemies.

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