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A kitten barked under the car, the guy was confused after seeing his appearance: Who is your father?

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A kitten barked under the car, the guy was confused after seeing his appearance: Who is your father?

Due to the reasons that no one cares about stray cats, once they reach the estrus period, they will breed frantically, resulting in many stray cat cubs are strung together, and it is impossible to tell who the original parents are, and can only rely on guessing. Can you guess who the parents of the little stray cat the guy meets in the story below? Are your ears almost as big as your head? Under the "Meow Meow" car, a little milk cat used the strength of sucking milk to bark frantically, perhaps because it was extremely hungry, it barked so loudly. The guy is a cat lover. He couldn't walk after hearing the meowing of the cat. He bent down and looked at the little milk cat under the car with his head tilted: "You have to find a way to call it out." He also learned to meow as a kitten, and soon, the little guy was "taken" and got out of the car. When he saw the appearance of the kitten, the boy's eyes were straight, and he was stunned in place. "My dear, are these ears too big?" In the dark night, although the kitten's face could not be seen clearly, its huge ears were particularly eye-catching, almost catching up with the size of its head: your father is Who is it? The guy has never seen such a cat before, and it looks too weird, but he didn't bother to explore its breed. At that time, he was thinking about bringing it back first. The temperature in Hainan is so high that it is easy to suffer from heat stroke. In addition to the accident, it was discovered that there were 2 kittens in total, and the other one had been hiding under the car and did not show up. Seeing that his brother was about to be taken away, he hurried out. After the two big-eared kittens brought the two kittens home for proper placement, they became curious about their origins, so they sent a video to a friend and asked him to post it online to see if they knew each other. Soon, after a friend shared the cat's video to netizens, it attracted the attention of many netizens. Some people say that this is an ordinary raccoon cat, but now it is in the embarrassing period, so the ears appear to be large, and it will be fine when they grow up later. Some people also say that this is a string of a stray German cat and a raccoon flower, so the ears can be so big. After reading many comments, the guy is also confused. But more of it was warmed by the "abacus" of netizens. Many enthusiastic netizens have asked for adoption, expressing their willingness to give the kitten a home. The follow-up may be that the little milk cat looks too cute. It didn't take long for the two little guys to be adopted, and they each found a suitable owner. Although the mystery of their life experience cannot be solved, it is not important anymore. For them, finding a home is the best ending. Harm, veterinarian Xiao Ming believes that what is the difference between breeds and breeds, even if the cats are strung out of their noble blood, they can't escape the fate of being stray. For cats, their life experience is not important, I'm afraid Cats don't want to know either. Message: They don't care about the breed and appearance of cats. The ones who are really interested are those who like cats. The fur children just want a home. If they are really the descendants of the German cat, then it can be speculated that the German cat worth tens of thousands is also stray now, doesn't it sound sad? He was once held in the palm of his hand, but now he doesn't even have a home. Therefore, veterinarian Xiaoming hopes that everyone, don't care too much about the breed of cats, treat them well, and don't let them stray. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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