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The stray cat stepped on the trap, but still regarded the girl as a good friend, and the three-year companionship warmed the girl's life

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The stray cat stepped on the trap, but still regarded the girl as a good friend, and the three-year companionship warmed the girl's life

Childhood experiences often have a great impact on a person's growth, and the days of playing with small animals are also the softest memories in my heart. The girl, named Hina, moved to the country with her parents when she was 11 years old. Here, the first friend she made was the stray cat Yang Ji. Hina comes to take care of the cat and play with the cat every day. The relationship between one person and one cat is getting better and better, so that unfamiliar people think that Yang Ji is Henna's cat. Two years later, however, the cat suddenly disappeared and didn't show up for about two weeks. Henna and her family thought the cat had died unexpectedly until they heard villagers say they saw a trap dragging along the cat's feet. Hearing the news, Henna started looking for the cat and brought it to the animal rescuers. However, just as everyone took off the trap and tried to put the cat into the nest, the cat suddenly bit the volunteer and ran away. Since that day, the cat has been hiding in the gap under the roof. It will answer Henna's call and show up to stick with Henna when only Henna is around. But once a stranger passes by, it will immediately hide in the gap. Because the cat escaped so suddenly at that time, the wound on the foot was not treated in time. Although the girl mixes anti-inflammatory drugs in cat food every day, she can't just leave it alone. Later, the Hina family still invited rescuers to cooperate, and Hina led the cat into a transparent plastic cage, and then captured the cat in one fell swoop. When the cage door closed, the cat jumped up in fright, screaming and trying to smash the cage door open. Seeing this scene, Hina on the side couldn't help crying and reached out to comfort the cat: "I didn't expect it to be so desperate, I just wanted to save it." Miraculously, the cat also calmed down under the girl's touch. , and then obediently was put into the air box by Henna. After some veterinary treatment, due to a serious infection, the cat's injured paw was eventually amputated. After being discharged from the hospital, the cat is back on the roof again, but not as afraid of people as before. A year later, when Hina was feeding one day, she suddenly saw 3 other cats followed by the cat: It turns out that Yang Ji married a wife and gave birth to a child! The stray cat Yang Ji is no longer alone, and the girl's family is very happy for him. Later, the Henna family moved, and the cat family often came to play on the roof balcony of Henna's house. Haina prepares food for the cat's family every day as usual. She said: "Yang Ji was amputated because of humans, but he is still friendly to humans and willing to open his heart to us. I am very sorry." The arrogant Yang Ji even chased away A stray cat near Henna's new home. When the veterinarian saw him in such a state of vigor, he was amazed: the kitten, who once had a severe skin disease and was amputated, would adapt so well now. Originally, Henna wanted the cats to move to her house, and even prepared a venue and toys. Unfortunately, the cat family seemed to have a soft spot for that roof, so Henna did not force them any more. Time flies and now Henna is 16 years old. I don't know from which day the cat never appeared out of the window. It's been two years since the last time I played with the cats. Maybe they moved, or maybe they died unexpectedly. No one knows the truth this time. "I heard that stray cats will find a place to die quietly, maybe that's Yang Ji's home." Hina said, "I have now adopted another cat named Tangtang, and I usually take care of other stray cats. But my love for Yang Ji is still there." "Animals will love people unconditionally, but there are not many such people. I hope the world can love them and care for them, and I hope the number of sick animals can be reduced." Leave and die, but the trust and love they leave us is real. The original intention of many people to keep pets is also for that pure feeling. I hope that from this moment, everyone can treat the furry children around you with kindness and live up to their pure love dependence. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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