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Why is my mother so stupid?

Time:2022-11-29 17:39:23 author:Zoo Read:779次
Why is my mother so stupid?

Posted on August 28, 2022, 3 minutes to read Edit: Uncle Box, Red Queen Seoul Zoo, elephants are playing happily. Oh no, the baby elephant fell into the water! The elephant reacted so quickly. The two elephants rushed towards the pond. Hey, it turns out that the water is not deep~ The baby elephant is saved! In fact, the baby elephant is not in danger at all. Photography: AMI VITALE, NAT GEO IMAGE COLLECTION Because the long nose sticks out of the water, it can breathe. Elephants will establish a very close family bond. PHOTOGRAPH BY MICHAEL NICHOLS, NAT GEO IMAGE COLLECTION That's why Mama's reaction was so intense! PHOTO: SANDESH KADUR If you read this article

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