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Draining the lake just to catch two fish, how powerful is the crocodile gar, and it is worth so much fighting?

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Draining the lake just to catch two fish, how powerful is the crocodile gar, and it is worth so much fighting?

Alligator gars have been highly discussed on the Internet during this period, and people have found them in lakes and landscape pools in several parts of the country. Every time they find their traces, it can cause a big sensation, and the local people will arrest them at all costs. For example, in the Central Park of Ruzhou City, Henan Province, in order to catch two crocodile gars, it took more than a month to drain 200,000 cubic meters of lake water just to catch them. There is also a community in Taizhou, Jiangsu, where the alligator gar was also found in the landscape pool, and the lake was also drained to capture it. Whenever I see such an event, I always have such a question, what power is the alligator gar? Is it worth fighting for?

The alligator gar is an exotic species, known as the "ecological killer"

It may be that many people have only heard about the alligator during this time. The name eel, because it is an exotic species, is not native to our country. This is a fish from the Americas, mainly distributed in the Gulf Coast rivers and estuarine waters from Mexico to Florida in the United States. It is the largest gar in North America. The crocodile gar is very large. When it grows into an adult, it is more than three meters long and weighs more than 200 kilograms. Like the 80-centimeter crocodile gar caught in a landscape pond in Taizhou, Jiangsu, it is just a "little baby". Its shape is a bit like a crocodile, and its body is covered with hard diamond-shaped glaze scales, because the scales are so hard that the former Indians even used them as gems. Its snout is protruding, its mouth is deeply split, and its mouth is full of sharp teeth, just like the mouth of a crocodile. From the appearance, this fish is not a good stubble, in fact it is, it has the title of "ecological killer". In a body of water, as long as alligator gars are found, if they are not managed, then other fish will inevitably be wiped out, resulting in the collapse of the entire ecosystem. The alligator gar is ferocious by nature, is a carnivorous fish, and has a huge appetite. It doesn't just eat fish, it eats living things in the water, basically. There was once a fish pond owner who found a crocodile gar more than one meter long in his fish pond. After half a month, more than 5,000 fish in his family disappeared without a trace. Alligator Gar's belly.

The crocodile gar is extremely reproductive, and the eggs are poisonous

The crocodile gar is extremely adaptable to the environment, it can live in fresh water, They can survive in brackish water in estuaries, but in general, they are a freshwater fish. Alligator gars have extremely strong reproductive capacity. From May to August every year, they mate and lay eggs, which can produce 140,000 to 200,000 eggs at a time. The eggs are light green, sticky, and stick to water plants or gravel. The incubation period is about 6-8 days. In its origin, due to natural enemies and other reasons, only a few can successfully hatch and survive. But in our country, because they are alien species, there are no natural enemies, and the eggs are poisonous, so once the crocodile gar appears and is left unchecked, it will soon flood. Leaving the ferocious alligator gar in the water will harm not only some native aquatic creatures, but also humans. The alligator gar that appeared in a landscape pool in Taizhou, Jiangsu mentioned above attacked a boy playing by the pool, biting three of his fingers. Fortunately, this alligator gar is only a "small fish" weighing more than 10 pounds. If it is an individual with a body length of more than 1 meter, I am afraid that the boy's fingers will be bitten off. Due to the harm of the alligator gar, the community property and some residents quickly drained the water in the landscape pool and caught the fish. Similarly, after more than a month of hard work, after the water of Yunchan Lake in Ruzhou City, Henan Province was drained, people also captured two alligator gars, one female and one male, and treated them harmlessly.

Where do these alligator gars come from?

We all know that there is a strange phenomenon, that is, if a place has a large area of ​​water for a long time, it will naturally "grow" fish. In fact, these fish did not grow out. If there are fish in a water area, there are roughly the following three situations: 1. Artificial release, there may be some atmosphere of release in some places, and some people will go to the market to buy some birds, Snakes, fish and turtles are released into the wild to achieve the so-called purpose of "doing good deeds and accumulating merit". Release of raw fish is the most common and cheapest way to do it. Most fish reproduce quickly, so naturally they can reproduce. 2. Water birds are brought in. Many water birds are migratory birds and have the habit of migration. They move in a certain water area, and some fish eggs may be stuck on the wet feathers on their bodies. When it flew to another body of water, it took the eggs and eventually hatched some small fish. 3. When a tornado is brought in, many people have seen the natural phenomenon of "dragon absorbing water". The principle is that when the wind force of the tornado is sufficient, the water will be swept into the sky, and the fish in the water will be brought to the sky together. As the tornado blows, and when the wind comes down, it is not enough to provide enough lift for the water and the fish, so the fish will naturally fall down under the action of gravity. If they happen to fall into a certain body of water, these fish can start to reproduce. In the case of the alligator gar, its origin is North America, which is separated from us by the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, the possibility of water birds and wind being brought in is very small, and it is basically impossible. Naturally, there is only the highest probability of human release. . The alligator gar originally came into our country as a pet fish. It has a peculiar shape and a large size, which is in line with people's curiosity. In addition, it has strong adaptability and is easy to support. As long as the environment of the fish tank is not too bad, it will basically not die. So some people buy alligator gars and keep them as pet fish. At first everyone can afford it, but as the alligator gar grows larger, the daily expensive feed is not affordable for ordinary people. So some people gave up and threw them into the lake and water. The release of life was originally a kind move, but don't go against the original intention, and don't let the kind move cause evil consequences. For example, over the years, the Brazilian turtles, snapping turtles, scavenger fish, etc. released by people have brought people a lot of trouble. In addition, I advise everyone not to release animals at will, because according to my country's "Administrative Measures for Invasive Alien Species", no individual or unit may introduce, release or discard alien species without approval. If the release of alien species in important water bodies, such as the Yangtze River waters, has serious consequences, and may even bear criminal responsibility. Follow me and make an animal friend.


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