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How dangerous are giraffes? The lion flew and tried to bite its neck, but was knocked and kicked several times, causing internal injuries

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How dangerous are giraffes? The lion flew and tried to bite its neck, but was knocked and kicked several times, causing internal injuries

Giraffes with extremely strong fighting power

The giraffes that appear to be gentle and harmless on the African savannah and only eat leaves slowly on weekdays are actually the most powerful giraffes in Africa. One of the strong creatures, even the lions, the top predators in groups, are afraid of three points, and even the lions are accidentally killed by giraffes. Someone once photographed a group of lions hunting giraffes. The giraffes flung off their limbs and long legs and ran desperately, while the group of lions chased behind them. Although giraffes usually seem to like pacing slowly, they run when they encounter danger. The speed is not slow, it can run 60 kilometers per hour, but the lion's running speed can reach 82 kilometers per hour, and it has no advantage in speed. A lion ran in front of the giraffe and jumped to bite the giraffe's neck. This is a lion's usual hunting trick. They will pounce on the prey, use their own weight to overwhelm the prey, and then bite the neck of the prey to suffocate it. And died, the giraffe's neck is very long, reaching more than 2 meters, which seems to be its weakness, but this lion made a mistake. The giraffe not only has a long neck, but also has long legs. Giraffes are the tallest animals on land. Female giraffes can reach a height of 4.7 meters, while male giraffes are nearly 6 meters tall, which is as high as two floors, and giraffe legs account for one-third of its body. On average, it is The length of 1.8 meters is equivalent to the height of an adult. Before the lion touched the giraffe's neck, it was hit by the giraffe's legs and flew out. The giraffe in the running state did not stop, and ruthlessly trampled on the lion with its limbs. I still wanted to chase, but obviously suffered internal injuries, so I could only watch the giraffe go away. The weight of the lion giraffe that was hit is equivalent to a car. The female weight can reach more than 1 ton, while the male weight is close to 2 tons. Coupled with the speed of their running, this lion is said to be hit by a car. Excessive, and even more dangerous are the few kicks from the giraffe. The average person weighs about 60 kilograms, but the power of the side kick is also several hundred kilograms. Giraffe kicks are different from horses that can only kick back and forth. They can kick in all directions. This is because its legs are actually composed of three parts, namely the thigh, the calf and the sole of the foot. The part we thought was the calf was actually the sole of the foot. The giraffe's hooves have a diameter of 30 centimeters and a kicking force of 3 tons, which is enough to kick a lion directly to a broken bone. Although there are also giraffes in the lion's diet, hunting a giraffe can make the lions not have to worry about food for a week, but the lions often only choose the old, the weak, the sick, and the giraffes in prime age are too dangerous, if not extremely hungry Now, lions won't provoke them either.

Giraffes who like to "neck"

Giraffes also have a powerful weapon, their neck, but this weapon is often used in the fight between the same species On, after all, other animals are too short for them, and it is not convenient to smash them with their necks. There are two ways to fight between giraffes. One is to lean against each other and use the strength of the neck to compete, just like we humans wrestle the wrist. This way generally does not cause much harm, but the other is to fight against each other. It is much more dangerous and is known as a "neck shot". During the breeding season, in order to compete for the favor of female giraffes, there will be battles between male giraffes. Although giraffes have long necks, they have seven vertebrae like other mammals, except that each of their vertebrae is more than 28 cm long. , and the joints connecting these vertebrae are similar to the human shoulder joints, which are very flexible. Because of their flexible necks, they can draw a semi-circle of their necks, and then hit their heads quickly with great force. There is also a pair of horns on the head of giraffes, called cutaneous horns. The outer layer is covered with skin, and there is blood circulation inside, which can help them regulate their body temperature. Therefore, both males and females have this pair of horns on their heads. It's just that the horns of females and cubs are thinner and hairier. And the bone horn is long with the giraffe's skull, so it is very strong, and the giraffe will try to use this horn to attack. Its attack method is like a meteor hammer, its neck is a chain, and its head is the body of the hammer. Some giraffes were beaten to the point of fainting, even fractured their necks, and died. If you are lucky enough not to die, it may also become a "crooked neck" due to the dislocation of the joints. Giraffes fighting each other

don't have long necks to eat leaves?

The longer the neck of the giraffe and the heavier the head, the more powerful the attack. In 1996, someone from the University of Cape Town published an academic paper saying that the longer the neck of giraffes, the greater the advantage in courtship competition, and the advantage of being able to eat high leaves is only incidental. Their long necks are actually result of sexual selection. The proposal of this theory has aroused extensive discussion, because from the results, this kind of speculation is not impossible. The fossil of the creature, through its research, it was found that the complex structure of the head and spine of this creature is very suitable for high-speed head impact, and more and more evidence that it belongs to the giraffe class and competes for female hearts , developed extreme morphological characteristics. In June of this year, the relevant paper was published in the internationally renowned academic journal "Science", providing strong support for the theory of sexual selection of giraffes with long necks.

The troubles of being tall and tall

The extreme height and long necks of giraffes also give them a lot of trouble. For example, when a pregnant giraffe gives birth to a baby giraffe, the baby giraffe When they were born, they fell from a height of 1.5 meters. If they are unlucky, they may land head first and face death threats. After being born, they must learn to stand within 30 minutes, otherwise they will easily face danger. Although the baby giraffe is 1.8 meters tall at birth, it is not enough for predators such as lions. To threaten them, and although the female giraffe can attack with her hooves, it is too tall and cannot be precisely controlled, and it is easy to accidentally injure the young giraffe. And the tall body also causes trouble for their sleep. Giraffes sleep for a very short time, which is the lowest sleep requirement of all mammals. Giraffes only sleep for a few minutes at a time, and they will wake up immediately if there is any movement. The total sleep time of giraffes in the wild is less than 2 hours a day, while in the zoo, they can sleep for about 4 hours a day. The way giraffes sleep is also quite special. Baby giraffes can lie down on the ground and sleep with their head resting on their buttocks. Adult giraffes can also sleep on their backs, but because of their size, it is very difficult to get up after lying down, and they are easily attacked by animals such as lions. Therefore, adult giraffes usually sleep standing up, and even when they sleep, they keep their eyes open and chew leaves subconsciously, as if they were not asleep. In addition to sleeping, the height of giraffes also makes it a big problem for giraffes to drink water. Their legs are almost as long as their necks, so they can only spread their legs first, and then bow their heads to drink water. Some people will ask, are giraffes in Don't you feel dizzy when you drink water with your head down? After all, the giraffe is so tall, and its heart is about 1.8 meters away from the top of the head, which means that its blood pressure must be high. If their blood pressure is the same as that of ordinary animals, the blood can only reach its neck. When the head is lowered, the blood will rush to the head, and it is difficult to return to the heart, and the accumulation in the head will cause dizziness. In order to solve this problem, there are many one-way valves in the veins of giraffes, which are like a one-way street, which can only be advanced and cannot be retreated. When the giraffe drinks water with its head down, it keeps the blood flowing back to the heart through the constant squeezing and relaxation of the muscles. Spreading their legs makes them inconvenient to move, and at the same time controls the contraction of muscles, and they can't observe the surrounding environment well when they lower their heads. When drinking water, giraffes are basically the most vulnerable. A lion watching from a distance may take this opportunity to rush up to attack, and there are also crocodiles in the water. Giraffes can only drink as little water as possible. Usually they can only get water from the leaves they eat. They only go to the water to drink water when necessary. The tall giraffes, although they can eat the leaves at high places, also gain the fighting power that the lions are also afraid of, but it also gives them many unique troubles that other animals do not have. References "Why Giraffes Have Long Necks" Peng Wen "The Unique Body Structure of Giraffes" Zeng Lianrong "Giraffes Not Only Have Long Necks"

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