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A stray dog ​​lingered at the door of the store and wanted to go in to use the air conditioner. The owner: Come in, you will have food and shelter

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A stray dog ​​lingered at the door of the store and wanted to go in to use the air conditioner. The owner: Come in, you will have food and shelter

Not only people can't stand the high temperature weather some time ago, but animals can't stand it either. Especially those homeless stray animals, they are even worse, they are unavoidable under the hot sun, and even drinking water has become a luxury. In the face of extreme weather, sometimes, they can only pin their hopes on humans. Can I come in and use the air conditioner? A few days ago, Chengdu was once squeezed into the top ten hottest cities. The temperature during the day reached more than 40 degrees, and the surface temperature was even more exaggerated. It remained at 63 to 66 degrees, and the eggs were about to be cooked. The woman runs a small shop. There are many shops on this street that are still open. Many shops are closed due to the high temperature. The temperature outside was still very high that day. At noon, a stray dog ​​came to the door of the store. It lingered outside the door for a long time. It wanted to come in but was afraid. From its eyes, the woman saw desire. Finally, when everyone was not paying attention, it couldn't help but ran in, found the coolest place, and lay down. Since the woman can also understand the difficulty of the stray dog, she did not drive it away, and it was also very conscious and took the initiative to leave when the door was closed at night. Come in! By noon the next day, the stray dogs came again. Like yesterday, it still looked eager to try. This time it was the woman's turn to take the initiative. She opened the curtain: "Come in!" Obviously this time the dog seemed to be more excited. At the invitation of the owner, the two With a kick of the leg, it went straight in. On the third day and the fourth day, the dog appeared at the door on time every day. After rubbing the air conditioner, he left consciously at night. During this period, the woman was also very generous and offered water and a boxed lunch to the stray dog: "Come, let's get food and lodging!" The dog will be rich, and business must be booming in the future. Later, the woman unintentionally shared the video on the Internet, originally just wanting to express the weather It's so hot that even stray dogs can't stand it. I didn't expect the video to catch fire unexpectedly. Many netizens were also moved by the woman's love, saying that if the dog comes rich, the business of the woman's store will definitely be booming in the future. At the same time, many people came to support after finding the woman's shop. Some netizens took care of the woman's business, bought things in the woman's store, some provided food for the dogs, and many well-meaning netizens told the woman how to properly take care of stray dogs. And with the help of everyone, the woman took better care of the stray dogs. Veterinarian Xiao Ming was also moved by everyone's kindness. It was just a small video of helping stray dogs. I didn't expect kindness to come from all directions. It seems that there are still many kind people in this world. Message: Stray animals are helpless, their fate is ill-fated, and their lives may end at any time. Sometimes, they can only rely on us humans. But not all people are so kind. Don't look at the behavior of stray dogs rubbing against the air conditioner. It seems that it is a very simple rescue for us, but there are people who can't do it, are unwilling to help, and even hurt them. Veterinarian Xiao Ming only hopes that more people will be willing to empathize with them, understand the difficulty of life for stray animals, and provide more help so that they can also survive. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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