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Doing these things, in the view of Shiba Inu, is tantamount to "provoking" it

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Doing these things, in the view of Shiba Inu, is tantamount to "provoking" it

Shiba Inu, which became popular on the Internet with emoticons, I believe everyone should be familiar with it. It has a unique nature, calm and independent character, and affectionate relatives, but its vigilance is also very strong. In its view, doing these things is equivalent to provoking it, especially unfamiliar people!

Staring at it for a long time

If you are not familiar with Shiba Inu, staring at it for a long time will give Shiba Inu Send a message that you want to attack it. Therefore, Shiba Inu will also react to you, such as showing a hideous expression or growling, barking, etc., which are all manifestations of its disgust to be stared at for a long time.

Show your teeth and claws at it

Some people will want to tease the Shiba Inu, and if they are not familiar with it, just do it to it Some expressions and actions that the dog can't understand, and Shiba Inu's vigilance and self-protection awareness will be judged as provocative behavior, so if you don't want to be hostile and attacked by it, don't tease it like this.

pulling its tail

The tail has always been a sensitive and vulnerable part of the dog, and the Shiba Inu is no exception. If you forcefully pull its tail , it will cause it to have a great counterattack behavior, especially the Shiba Inu with a more aggressive temperament will definitely turn its head to give you a bite without thinking, so it is best not to touch its tail. This will make people and dogs safer and more friendly to get along with.

Snatch its child

A Shiba Inu with parental status will have a strong cub-guarding behavior, and it will be sensitive to those who want to approach and touch its children. People are very sensitive. If you forcibly take away their child, it will think that you have bad intentions, and you are deliberately provoking it, and it may attack you.

Enter its "safe zone" at will

The Shiba is very vigilant and territorial, when it doesn't know you well or doesn't trust you , once you enter the safe range delimited by it and break the "social distance" between people and dogs, it will think that you are provoking it and take precautions against you. If you want to get closer to the Shiba Inu, you can take it slow, start with simple interactions, let it lower its guard, and use delicious snacks to buy its heart faster.

interrupting it to cook

For Shiba Inu, it should be a "dog life event", so it will definitely not like people who deliberately disturb it to eat . Of course, Shiba Inu is still very tolerant and docile to its owner, but to other people, it may not be so easy to tease. If the Shiba Inu has a strong food protection behavior for everyone, then the pet owner should help it correct this habit. It is recommended to give it a sense of security, let it eat alone, and choose nutritious and delicious dog food for it , so that it can feel the love more, thereby reducing the awareness of prevention and no longer protecting food. Conclusion: Do you like Shiba Inu? Would you like to keep it?


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